Anchored Billing Improvements -Ongoing Subscriptions

anchored billing for subscriptions shopify ongoing

Written by Adriana Pope

December 12, 2022

Ongoing Subscriptions has launched many improvements to our Anchored Billing flow for a better UX/UI experience for both

We hope the new improvements make scheduled billing for subscriptions even more streamlined and automated for merchants.

The improvements to anchored billing are across both the Ongoing Merchant dashboard and the Subscriber portal.


Improvement #1 Subscriptions Display Anchored Billing Icon on the Ongoing Merchant Dashboard

Benefit: Merchants can now easily distinguish which subscriptions have a scheduled billing date

anchored billing icon subscriptions ongoing


Improvement #2 – New Anchored Billing Section in the Ongoing Merchant Dashboard

Benefit: For example, if the subscription product is Anchored to the 1st of the month, it will display this information in this new section.

edit anchored billing shopify ongoing subscriptions


Improvement #3- Merchants can now Update Anchored Billing Date on Individual Existing Subsciber

Benefit: The new EDIT button allows merchants to edit the anchored billing date for an existing subscription.

This means if a customer had a particular request to be billed on the 15th of the month instead of the 1st, this would be possible even if you had your subscription plan anchored to the 1st of the month for everyone else.

This gives merchants extreme flexibility when scheduling billing for their subscribers with a fixed billing date.

Additionally, the merchant can edit the anchored billing on the subscription plan, which would affect new subscribers signing up.

change anchor billing date shopify subscriptions ongoing


Improvement #4- Customers can now see Anchored Billing Information on Subscriber Portal

Benefit: Your customers with anchored billing will now see information about their scheduled billing inside the Subscriber Portal.

For example, it will clearly state “15th day of the billing month” so they can understand the merchant has a billing schedule for the subscription product.

A clearly defined area dedicated to the billing schedule on the Subscriber Portal helps reduce customer support emails, such as “When will I get charged next?”

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