Custom Pack Sizes for Ongoing Subscriptions “Build a Box”

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Written by Adriana Pope

December 20, 2022

The latest release for Ongoing Subscriptions now allows custom pack sizes for Build a Box, which is fully controllable by the merchant.

What are Pack Sizes for Build a Box?

Ongoing Subscriptions allows merchants to easily different pack sizes when shoppers are creating their Build a Box.

Shoppers can easily choose the pack size they would like, which is connected to a subscription discount, and start choosing the products they’d like to order.

Having a pack size for the Build a Box subscription allows the merchant to instantly attribute a minimum and maximum item amount.

For example, if the customer chooses a 6-pack for their Ongoing Build a Box Subscription, then the minimum & maximum item amount are instantly set to six.

This is helpful for communicating to the shopper how many products they need to choose from the selection below and also for limiting the amount of products the customers choose.

Why offer Pack Sizes on Build a Box?

Having a Pack Size on the Ongoing Build a Box allows merchants to have further control and flexibility when it comes to the type of subscription boxes they’d like to offer to their customers.

Having a pack size on the Build a Box helps to increase the average order value, because it’s saying to the shopper ” you have to buy X amount of products to get this subscription discount”.

Having a pack size is an easy way to tell the customer how many products they need to subscribe to when creating their very own Build a Box.

Benefits of Offering Pack Sizes on Build a Box with Ongoing Subscriptions

Pack sizes for Build a Box are great merchants who have special packaging that can only fit a certain amount of items.

If for example, a wine company has a box that fits 6 wine bottles and another box that fits 12 wine bottles, they might just want to offer a 6 and 12 pack option on their Ongoing Subscriptions Build a Box.

Offering pack sizes to maximize efficiency with fulfillment and shipping costs is a great way to have a strong profit margin when it comes to selling subscriptions on Shopify.

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