Improvement for Gift Subscriptions & Minimum Time Commitments

ongoing gift subscriptions minimum time commitment

Written by Adriana Pope

July 13, 2022

Ongoing has launched an improved workflow for creating and managing subscription plans. This has a huge impact on how merchants can create gift subscriptions and use minimum time commitments.

Merchants can now have multiple subscription plans with the same frequency in the same subscription group.

An example is if a merchant wanted to create three subscription plans for gift subscriptions.

  • 1st plan – Delivered / billed monthly + 3-month minimum time commitment / expires after 3 months
  • 2nd plan – Delivered/billed monthly + 6-month minimum time commitment / expires after 6 months.
  • 3rd plan – Delivered/billed monthly + 12- month minimum time commitment / expires after 12 months.

Before, these subscription plans had to be separated into different subscription groups, but now they can all be in the same group.

This new workflow makes it easier for merchants to create subscription plans on the fly with little effort.

This has the added benefit of being able to sort the plans as you wish so they can appear in the order you would like.

It also helps with managing and editing subscription plans that you’ve already created. You can easily edit your subscription plans without any issues (based on whether or not they have the same frequency).

As long as there is a unique aspect of the subscription plan (such as it expires after a different amount of time or has a different minimum time commitment ), you can have multiple subscription plans with the same delivery and billing frequency.

The Ongoing features Gift Subscriptions & Minimum Time Commitments are available on the Standard Plan. View Ongoing pricing plans.

To speak to an Ongoing specialist about setting up subscriptions on your site, or migrating to Ongoing Book A Demo.

Please note Ongoing Subscriptions works with all Shopify stores/themes and is specifically built just for Shopify.

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