Improved Distinction of “Build a Box” for Merchants

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Written by Adriana Pope

December 19, 2022

Ongoing has made an improvement to the way merchants can view “Build a Bundle” orders (aka Build a Box).

Now in the Subscriptions list, merchants can easily see at a glance if the order was created through the Ongoing Build a Box feature.

Having this distinction between a normal Ongoing Subscription order where a shopper added an individual product to the cart, and an Ongoing Build a Box subscription order is helpful so merchants can know that their Build a Box is working successfully for them.

The Ongoing Build a Box feature is helpful for displaying many of your store’s products on a single page which helps your shoppers discover new products. Being able to see many products at once is also beneficial for not only discoverability but also for increasing the average order value, as shoppers will add it to their cart, if they found something new they like.

The Ongoing Build a Box feature has the option for merchants to add a minimum item amount. We recommend having a minimum of 2 items for your Build a Box so that customers will be prompted to buy more than one subscription product.

The Ongoing Build a Box is great for encouraging shoppers to buy a little more, and incentivize them with subscription discounts.

Subscription discounts for example look like “Subscribe & Save 10%” and are helpful to alluring new shoppers on your store to become a subscriber.

This new feature displays a badge on your subscription orders to help you identify which subscription orders are a Build a Box.

Since the Build a Box feature contains lots of customizable settings such as minimum and maximum item amounts, this allows for advanced controls on the Subscriber Portal when customers add/remove / swap items based on your rules.

This is just one of the many new features Ongoing is launching this month and in the coming year to Build a Box so stay tuned for more improvements!

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