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Ongoing Integrations Gateway payment processing gateway accepts credit cards, e-checks + contactless payments.

Shopify Payments

Accept credit cards online and create convenient checkouts. Manage everything in one place

Paypal Express

Collect payments for orders made with PayPal, completely integrated within Shopify

Shopify Checkout

Secure Shopify checkout accepts orders and take payments wherever you sell online

Local Pickup/Delivery (Q4 2021)

Stay tuned for this new integration. The ability to offer local pickup and local delivery with subscription products.

Stripe (Q4 2021)

Stay tuned for this new integration. Stripe handles online payment processing for internet businesses and will soon be added as an approved payment provider to Shopify.

Shop, Apple, G Pay (Q4 2021)

Stay tuned for this new integration. Shopify is adding “wallet support” for these payment options. 

Shopify POS (H1 2022)

Stay tuned for this new integration. The ability for merchants to take subscription orders in person, while doing point of sale.

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