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ShipBob is a global omnifulfillment solution for Shopify brands and makes shipping a breeze. It streamlines e-commerce operations by connecting online stores to their fulfillment system, storing inventory across various fulfillment centers, and swiftly shipping orders from the nearest location.

Now with Ongoing, you can ensure fast delivery and reduced shipping costs, making it an ideal choice for brands who offer subscriptions and have recurring orders.

Fast Delivery Speeds

ShipBob offers affordable 2-day shipping which can help increase conversions for Shopify brands who offer fast and affordable shipping options.

Reduce Shipping Costs

ShipBob gives you the ability to offer competitive pricing for shipping so you can capture more online sales with affordable shipping costs.

Improve Bottomline

ShipBob’s global fulfillment solutions help you determine optimal inventory placement across our growing fulfillment network.

Full Transparency

ShipBob offers full transparency of performance for accountability with built-in reports and analytics to power your supply chain and give you a competitive advantage.

99.95% Accuracy

ShipBob allows you to delegate out your fulfillment so you can focus on everything else. The outstanding accuracy rate of ShipBob is literally near perfect.

Forecast Fulfillment

ShipBob lets you manage, edit, and customize orders, track real-time stock levels from any location, and receive notifications when you need to reorder inventory.

2-Day shipping

ShipBob ensures complete 2-day shipping coverage throughout the continental United States, meeting speed and convenience expectations while fostering customer loyalty.

Achieve an impressive >95% on-time 2-day shipping rate in the US from just one fulfillment center. Attract more customers by displaying 2-day badges across your sales channels and offering 2-day estimated delivery dates with real-time rates on your product pages.

B2B Fulfillment

Through ShipBob, retailers can effortlessly integrate with various partners for streamlined EDI-automated wholesale and retail processes, including the generation of retailer-compliant packing slips.

ShipBob’s extensive network of supported retailers spans well-known brands like Ace Hardware, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Chewy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, GNC, Kohl’s, Kroger, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Sephora, Target, Walmart, and many others.

This enables services such as wholesale order fulfillment, ensuring inventory reaches brick-and-mortar stores and distribution centers, as well as retailer dropshipping, facilitating direct shipment to end consumers through retailers’ websites.


What ShipBob Customers are saying…

Animāto says…
“ShipBob has been a great app and I recommend it to anyone looking for a 3PL app. Customer support is always very helpful. The app itself is pretty intuitive once you learn the ins and outs of it and fulfillment times are very good. It really helped me take my business to the next level!”
Branwyn says..

‘Installation was a breeze, order ingestion lightning-fast, and tracking updates impressively swift. Their value-add features, including inventory sync and customizable rules, have significantly streamlined our workflow. However, what truly sets ShipBob apart is their exceptional technical support team.”

Kenny Flowers says…

“ShipBob has completely transformed our business. We’ve grown drastically over the last few years and that would not have been possible without ShipBob. Our customer experience is up, shipping timelines are quick, and the seamless syncing between ShipBob and Shopify keeps everything running efficiently.”

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