Improvements for Minimum Time Requirements in Ongoing Subscriber Portal

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Written by Adriana Pope

December 17, 2022

Minimum time commitments are a whole lot easier to understand for your subscription customers. Ongoing now lets your customers know how much time they have remaining before they can stop their subscription if they have a minimum time commitment.

What are minimum time requirements for Shopify subscriptions?

In the Ongoing Subscriptions app for Shopify, merchants are able to specify if there is a minimum time required that the customer has to keep the subscription before canceling or pausing it.

This is helpful for merchants who want to make sure customers are subscribed for a certain amount of time in order to receive the discount they are giving them for recurring orders.

How do minimum time requirements work in the Ongoing Shopify Subscriptions app?

Customers who agree to a minimum time commitment subscription are not able to pause or cancel their subscription in the Subscriber Portal until they meet the minimum time required.

In order to communicate how much time is left on their subscription for the minimum time required, Ongoing has launched this new dashboard display on the Subscriber Portal.

The New Display Communicates Information to the Subscriber

It will tell the customer how much time is remaining in billing cycles. The new display for minimum time commitments, also tells the customer how many billing cycles they’ve completed so far.

4 Key Benefits to this New Feature

There are many benefits of displaying information about minimum time commitments in the Subscriber Portal, so let’s cover a couple of them below.

Benefit #1: The display for minimum time commitments is easy to understand and will help to reduce customer support questions regarding how much time is left remaining on their subscription before they can make changes.

Customers will see the information on their Subscriber Portal, and will know when they will be allowed to edit their subscription order.

Benefit #2: By communicating how much time is left on the Ongoing Subscriber Portal, this reduces the amount of charge-backs you’ll receive.

Charge backs are detrimental to you as a merchant and if a merchant racks up enough charge-backs, the Payment Gateway they are using is at risk for being terminated.

Benefit #3: Having a minimum time commitment display on the Subscriber Portal helps to reduce subscription churn. Subscription churn is when customers cancel their subscription.

By having a dashboard in the Subscriber Portal that communicates information about the customers’ time left on their minimum time commitments, this helps keep your customers subscribed and reduces the requests merchants receive from customers who want to cancel their subscription.

Benefit #4: Keeps your customers happy. It’s best for merchants to be fully transparent with their customers about minimum time requirements on subscription orders.

This will help the customer trust the merchant and will increase the chances of the customer ordered another subscription product.

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