New! Expired Status for Gift Subscriptions

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Written by Adriana Pope

January 7, 2022

We made a huge improvement to our gift subscription flow. Now on Ongoing, you can see when a gift subscription has reached the end of it’s billing cycle. Instead of being cancelled, it is set to Expired.

With a gift subscription, a merchant states a maximum billing cycle. And they will need to know when the fulfillment are done (i.e. if all the deliveries have been made).

Example: Let’s say there is a 3 month gift subscription with monthly delivery. This would be delivery every month and billing every 3 months. The customer would need to prepay to purchase this, so they are paying upfront for the entire 3 month gift subscription. Every month, the customer would get a delivery, for three months and then it would end.

And although the merchant states their is only 1 billing cycle, there are still 3 deliveries that need to happen. The subscription would remain “Active” until they received their full 3 deliveries, which would then complete the end of their subscription cycle.

This means that the next billing date is no longer active.

This is a huge improvement for merchants so they can know that a merchant didn’t cancel their subscription, but that it merely ended.

Now merchants can see a new Expired tab under Subscriptions within the Ongoing app.

In the customer portal, customers who have reached the end of their gift subscription cycle, will also see the status of Expired, instead of Cancelled.

And in the merchant dashboard, the merchant will see the status of Expired if the customer reached the end of their gift subscription cycle.

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