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Written by Adriana Pope

October 14, 2022

Ongoing Subscriptions has just launched a brand new feature in the Subscriber Portal. Now customers can remove a product from their subscription order.

Having the ability for a subscriber to remove a product they no longer want is important for retention because it allows the customer to customize their subscription order so that they can stay subscribed.

Although it’s counter-intuitive to have a customer be able to remove products, the beauty is that they are most likely going to add products to their order.

Perhaps they just don’t want that particular product anymore or want to try a different flavor/shade/size ?

The more flexibility you give your subscribers, the better off they are.

You can imagine a subscriber like a person shopping in a grocery store, sometimes you put lots of stuff in your cart and then put something back on the shelf, and pick up something different. That’s precisely the same experience Ongoing provides with our subscriber portal. We give your subscribers the flexibility to create the subscription order they wish to receive on an ongoing basis.

If customers can’t change their subscription order, they’ll just cancel.

Cancellations mean a higher churn and lower retention which is the opposite of what you want, so it’s better to let customers just remove, add, or swap products so they can continue to stay subscribers.

The more customizations and control a subscriber has over their subscription, the more likely they will stick around and the less likely they will be to churn.

Ongoing Subscriptions offers a passwordless login for your subscribers so they can easily manage their subscription orders.

If a customer no longer wants to receive a product, they can simply remove that product.

In the Subscriber Portal, your subscribers can simply click Remove to take out an item from their order and this will change their order on the next billing cycle and will be reflected immediately visually.

Install Ongoing today on your Shopify store, and get a 30 day free trial.

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