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Written by Adriana Pope

January 11, 2022

We just launched one of the biggest updates of the year! Now you can create shipping rates that are specific to your subscriptions.

Ongoing just launched our latest feature called “Shipping & Delivery” controls for subscription groups.

How it Works

Now you can create a new delivery profile inside the Ongoing Subscriptions app, connect it to a subscription group, and then set the rates.

The shipping & delivery rules you create will be specific to that subscription group.

So any products in that subscription group will have that delivery profile.

What you can Do With this Feature

  • Offer free shipping on Subscription products
  • Offer flat rate shipping on Subscription products
  • Let’s you connect a delivery profile to a subscription group and all the products within it.

This is a Huge Step Forward

This is a huge improvement as it bypasses having Shopify control your shipping rates.

By default, Shopify shipping rates are controlled by Shopify and a lot of merchants requested the ability to have more control over their shipping rates.

This new feature is the solution to that problem. Now you can drill down and state subscription shipping rates which are different than your one-time purchase shipping rates.

Where to Find this Feature

From Ongoing –> Settings –> Shipping & Delivery

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