Ongoing Launches Custom CSS Controls for Merchants

ongoing shopify subscriptions app custom css

Written by Adriana Pope

April 26, 2022

The latest release was a robust custom CSS control for the subscription widget.

Here at Ongoing, we want to give our merchants all the tools necessary for their subscription journey.

One of those elements was being able to customize the look and feel of their subscription widgets on the product pages.

Ongoing has just launched Custom CSS controls for all merchants, so they can hop in and change the UI of the subscription widget if they need to.

These custom CSS controls are an advanced feature so we do recommend not using this feature unless you are comfortable creating and adding code.

This is also a great new feature if you have a development team or a developer handling your website and they would like to make changes to the front-end.

You now have the ability as a merchant to have full control over your subscription widget’s UX/UI.

How it works: This uses the Shopify meta fields and uploads it as a metafielcd. The css is stores on Shopify meta fields, and the subscription widget pulls the css from the meta fields.

It won’t affect your theme at all which is pretty neat. It only loads on the subscription product pages, so super fast.

Since our founders have a background in SEO, speed is always one of the factors that plays heavily in all we do. We want to make sure your websites are running at their optimized speed.

How to use: From the Ongoing app, click on Subscription Widget under Settings.

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