Ongoing Launches Customer Feedback on Subscriber Portal

customer feedback subscriber portal ongoing subscriptions

Written by Adriana Pope

December 18, 2022

Ongoing has launched improved feedback for customers who are unable to perform an action in the Subscriber Portal.

Customer can now see reasons why a certain action in the Subscriber Portal has been disabled.

Let’s say for example that a customer agrees to a minimum time commitment of 3 months, and then tries to remove the product after only 1 month.

In the Ongoing Subscriber Portal, this action would not be allowed until the customer reaches the minimum time required.

Additionally, other actions such as skip next delivery, pause and cancel would be disabled until they reached the minimum time requirement.

When a customer clicks on of those restricted options, they’ll be told why they cannot perform those actions at that time.

This customer feedback helps to answer questions subscribers have, such as “Why can’t I do this?”

The new customer feedback tools are helpful for ensuring a smooth experience in the Subscriber Portal, so your customers will be happy.

Once customers learn the reason why they can’t do something, they’ll be more understanding with that knowledge.

These new Subscriber Portal improvements are beneficial for also reducing customer support requests merchants receive.

If a customer can get all the information they need from the Subscriber Portal itself they’ll be less likely to email the merchant with questions.

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