Ongoing™️ Launches Headless Customer Portal

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Written by Adriana Pope

April 4, 2022

Ongoing has just launched the latest version of the customer portal, and it is now headless which means it is much more powerful.

With a new fresh look, and easy to use UX/UI, the Ongoing Customer Portal is a huge step up from the previous version.

Not dependent on Merchant’s theme

In the new Ongoing customer portal it is no longer dependent on the merchan’t theme. This fixes a huge host of issues that could arrise from CSS / to HTML issues in the theme, not to metion theme conflicts. No matter what theme your store is using, the Ongoing Customer Portal will look amazing and function perfectly.

Consistent Look across all Browser

Whether your customer is on Chrome, or Firefox, or any other broswser, the customer portal will look and function the same. This is a huge advancement from themes looking different and working differently in various browsers. This new customer portal means a better overall experience for your customers.

Powerful New Features

The new cusotmer portal is more straightforward for us to add new features to and build upon, so you’ll see new features getting rolled out every week! Our main focus right now is on automation, and making your customers happy so they stay subscribed. We want to give them all the tools they need to make changes and updates to their subscription orders, so they can stick around.


Enterprise merchants have access to the API and can customize the look of their customer portal to match brand colors, fonts, and the overall brand experience.

To view the new customer portal go to your Ongoing app –> Click Settings –> Customer Portal

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