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Written by Adriana Pope

April 12, 2022

Your customers can now easily gain access to their customer portal with the new Magic Link technology.

Customers can easily enter their email address into the text field, and get an email sent to them with a link to their customer portal.

No login or passwords are required. The user is authenticated by their email.

In the email they receive, there will be a simple link they can click on and it will take them straight to the customer portal.

There are 5 new features that were rolled out to make magic link possible.

  • The new headless magic link page which can be displayed on merchant website (optional) . Merchants will have access to a link in case they want to add it to their homepage’s top navigation bar
  • The new email template in Ongoing that is fully customizable containing the magic link
  • The new dunning management email that can be sent out to a customer if they request a magic link on the merchants website
  • Ability to preview template is also available for merchants
  • Ability to test magic link is also available for merchants

If you have any questions about the Ongoing Magic Link or need any help, feel free to contact support.

Ongoing is happy to launch this new feature as a way to help merchant customers to access their customer portal more easily. We listened to merchants say that one of their pain points was having customers lose their account login information, and the magic link solves this problem.

Another pain point merchants had was that customers might not still have the original welcome email containing the customer portal link, or maybe they can’t find the email. The magic link solves this problem.

Customers can request a magic link anytime they want.

Ongoing’s customer portal never requires a password or login, We try to make the process entirely frictionless for your customers.

If your customers happen to have an account on your website, then they definitely can access their customer portal, but it’s not the only way.

Your customers can also view their customer portal on the Order Status page (aka: thank you page), and through an automated welcome email sent directly to them with a link to the customer portal, and now the magic link.

If you have a pain point with subscriptions and are looking for a solution, we’d love to hear about it! Send us an email here.

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