Ongoing Launches “Skip Next Delivery” on Subscriber Portal

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Written by Adriana Pope

September 7, 2022

We are excited to announce that Ongoing has launched a new feature that allows customers to skip their next delivery in the Subscriber Portal.

This feature has been released into the Ongoing Subscriber Portal and is available to all merchants, this feature is instantly available on all Subscriber Portals.

This will allow your customers to easily skip the next delivery if they have too many or are getting too frequent deliveries and wish to slow it down.

Skip Delivery is great for retaining your customers and helps reduce churn. Customers who have no control over the delivery frequency are more likely to unsubscribe, and you contribute to revenue loss.

Customers can control their fulfillment schedule, which helps to keep them subscribed.

As you may well be aware, churn is the death of subscriptions.

Our #1 goal at Ongoing is to reduce your churn rate as much as possible so you can grow your recurring revenue.

These self-catering features on the Subscriber Portal enable your customers to manage and control their subscription orders more efficiently.

Having a self-managing Subscriber Portal for your subscription products is very important for helping to reduce cancellations.

At the time of this article being written, Skip Next Delivery is available only for Pay Per Delivery Subscriptions excluding subscription plans that have: minimum time commitments, anchored billing, or max billing cycles.

Prepaid subscriptions are currently not eligible for Skip Next Delivery at this time.

Email us at Ongoing if you’d like to ask us any questions about our Skip Next Delivery feature.

If a subscription has a minimum time commitment, the Skip Next Delivery is disabled on the Subscriber Portal until the minimum time commitment has been fulfilled.

This new update came alongside some other new Subscriber Portal features such as a new Pause flow, as well as an off-boarding cancellation for understanding why your customers are leaving.


Ongoing is on a mission to create the Best Shopify Subscriptions app.

We’d love to hear from you if you have a feature request or question about this feature!

Contact Ongoing support here & our team we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

We collaborate with our merchants to create the most user-friendly subscription service.

If you don’t already have us installed on your Shopify store, check us out here.

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