Ongoing Launches Subscription Details

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Written by Adriana Pope

August 10, 2022

Now customers will shop with even more confidence when they see your subscription details badge underneath the purchase options.

With the new “Subscription Details” feature, merchants who have a 2.0 store can now proudly display their subscription details which helps their shoppers understand how subscriptions work a little bit better by providing them with information about recurring orders.

If a shopper clicks the “Subscription Details” it will take them to an informative page called Powered by Ongoing Subscriptions.

This page contains an FAQ directed toward shoppers interested in possibly purchasing a subscription product on your store.

This FAQ covers some of the most commonly asked questions about subscriptions to help create more confidence in your shoppers when placing a recurring order.

Subscription Details feature Benefits:

  • Helps improve confidence in Shopper for selecting a subscription purchase option
  • Guides shoppers toward an informative page where Ongoing provides an FAQ for commonly asked subscription questions
  • Also very helpful for your current and existing subscribers who are shopping on your website and have questions about their subscriptions, such as how to access the Subscriber Portal
  • Easily turn off the subscription details badge by disabling it in your 2.0 Shopify Theme Builder

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