Ongoing Launches ‘Swap Product’ Feature on the Subscriber Portal

swap product shopify subscriptions ongoing subscriber portal

Written by Adriana Pope

December 15, 2022

Your subscribers are going to be so happy now that they can swap products to their subscription order to change it to the product they want.

Ongoing Subscriptions has launched the new feature called “Swap Product” which allows your customers to easily swap products within their existing subscription order with a frictionless checkout.

Here at Ongoing, we are committed to updating the Subscriber Portal to make it super easy to use, easy to access, and easy to make changes to a subscription order.

Easily Swap a Product to an Existing Subscription Order

From the Subscriber Portal, the customer can easily swap a product, with 1 click! This will change the current product they are subscribed to.

They just choose the product they want to switch to, and they are done. It’ll instantly swap the product for their next recurring order and charge them accordingly.

How Product Swapping Works

The customer will be able to see all the different subscription products within the same subscription group, that are available for swapping.

The new product they switch to will have the same frequency.

Cardless Transactions

Since their payment details have already been taken by Shopify when they first ordered their subscription, there is no need to ask them for their credit card again.

The customer clicks a button to agree to swap the product, and they are all done!

Instant Recalculation of Updated Subscription Order

The customer will have that new price shown to them when they agree to swap, so that even if there is a price difference, they are consenting to the new total.

If there is a subscription discount, Ongoing will apply the discount (associated with the subscription group for that frequency).

The customer must agree to the updated order total when they swap a product inside their existing subscription order.

The Benefit to the Merchant

As a merchant, you don’t want to receive emails in which customers are asking you to make changes to their subscription order.

The “Swap Product ” feature helps customers make changes to their subscription orders, reducing the amount of customer service requests merchants receive.

If a customer wants to try a new flavor or changes sizes, they can now do that all on their own, while staying subscribed.

The Benefit to the Customer

Your customers love convenience and self-catering.

If they can hop onto their Subscriber Portal and easily make changes to their subscription order, they are more likely to keep that subscription active.

By having an easy to use Subscriber Potal, this helps keep the retention rate high for Ongoing subscription orders and your customers happy.

By increasing the flexibility the customer has within the Subscriber Portal, this helps the customer to have a good experience with their subscription.

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