Ongoing Launches Subscription Orders API

ongoing subscriptions api orders

Written by Adriana Pope

July 14, 2022

Ongoing has launched updates to our API, now with the improved capability for orders.

Now you no longer need to dig through your Subscriptions to find orders, you can get them easily with the new orders API by Ongoing.

You’ll be able to see a whole list of all your most recent orders.

The new Orders API is great for any Shopify store that wants to build additional functionality on top of the Ongoing platform.

The Orders API allows merchants to get a paginated list of all Subscription orders so you tap directly into the various data points of your subscription orders.

Various Subscription Order API data points include:

  • If the subscription order is the first order
  • If the subscription order is a test order
  • If the subscription order has been fully paid for
  • Name of the subscription order
  • Shopify unique order ID
  • Shopify unique Subscription ID
  • The total price of the subscription order
  • Currency used to pay for subscription order
  • When the subscription order was created
  • When the subscription order was closed
  • When the subscription order was last updated
  • The UUID (universally unique identifier)
View the complete Ongoing API documentation for Shopify Subscriptions.

Ongoing API access is available on the Enterprise plan. View Ongoing pricing plans.

To speak to an Ongoing specialist about setting up subscriptions on your site, or migrating to Ongoing Book A Demo.

Please note Ongoing Subscriptions works with all Shopify stores and is specifically built just for Shopify.

🇺🇸 Made in California, USA

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