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active subscribers historical data ongoing subscriptions

Written by Adriana Pope

December 27, 2021

Now merchants can see even more analytics when they login into the Ongoing app. We have added a new improvement to the merchant dashboard which is a chart called “Active Subscribers.”

The “Active Subscribers” chart lets merchants know at a glance, whether or not their subscriptions are growing.

The “Active Subscribers” chart shows data for the last trailing 30 days.

You can use this report to easily see how well your subscription campaigns are doing, and if you need any fine-tuning.

Subscriptions are compounding, meaning they should be technically growing every month.

The goal is to attract new subscriber every month, so those will carry over the next month. Thus, your subscription revenue will be coming from your existing subscribers + new subscribers.

What you want to see is hockey-puck growth…the line should be up and to the right.

If you are seeing some stagnation or a decline, it’s a good idea to take note of this so you can strategize how to grow your subscriptions. We recommend making sure your churn rate is under control.

The “Active Subscribers” chart is a new feature that has been released as part of a new series of improvements to the merchant dashboard.

We look forward to creating more advanced subscription analytics for you to help you manage your subscriptions and grow your subscription business.

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