Ongoing Subscriptions Launches Translatable Customer Portal

translatable customer portal subscriptions shopify ongoing

Written by Adriana Pope

November 3, 2021

Ongoing has just launched our latest improvement to our Shopify Subscriptions app, and that’s a fully translatable customer portal.

This means that you can change the text within the customer portal (what your customers who subscribe will see) to anything you want.

If your shop is in a different language other than English, then you can fully translate the customer portal to any language you want.

You can make it say exactly what you would like, in any language, and it works in any language!

Simply replace the text with your own custom text, and save it.

You can also preview the customer portal to see what your customers who subscribe will see when they login to your customer portal.

Another perk is that you can customize the language of the customer portal to be more specific to the type of subscription product you are selling. For example, if you sell memberships and non physical products, you might want to tweak the language to be more membership specific.

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