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Elevate your Shopify experience with IT-Geeks, a full-service agency that turns your eCommerce visions into reality. With over seven years of expertise and a portfolio boasting over 5,000 successful projects, IT-Geeks stands out as a Shopify partner, dedicated to crafting bespoke online stores that captivate and convert. Whether it’s a store setup, a strategic redesign, or seamless migration, their results-driven approach is tailored to amplify your sales and lead generation.

 Their partnership with Ongoing Subscriptions will empower clients with a seamless integration of subscription services, enhancing the customer experience and providing a steady revenue stream for businesses looking to scale.


Shopify Store Setup

Boasting a track record of more than 5,000 Shopify website development projects successfully completed, their team of over 200 experts is ready to deliver your online store with precision, understanding of your market and consumer behavior to craft a Shopify presence that stands out.


Shopify Store Redesign

Revamp your Shopify store with IT-Geeks, where striking design meets seamless functionality, ensuring your brand captivates and converts with every click. Trust IT-Geeks to revitalize your Shopify store, unlocking new features and optimizing UI/UX for improved sales performance​​.


Shopify Store Migration

IT-Geeks expertly navigates Shopify migrations, ensuring a smooth transition of your online store from other platforms over to Shopify with zero hassle, maximum efficiency, and top notch accuracy when it comes to importing customer data.


Shopify Store Funnel Optimization

IT-Geeks fine-tunes your sales funnel, leveraging strategic design and user experience enhancements to maximize conversions and skyrocket your online sales.


Shopify Subscriptions Setup

IT-Geeks, a premier full-service Shopify agency, has forged a new partnership with Ongoing Subscriptions, adding a robust subscription management dimension to their suite of service including setup & customizations.


Search Engine Optimization

Leverage IT-Geeks’ expertise in SEO to catapult your Shopify store to the top of search results, amplifying visibility and driving significant traffic to your online business​.

Leading Shopify Store Redesigns

IT-Geeks specializes in transforming Shopify stores to not only boost their visual appeal but also to make them highly functional and user-friendly. They understand that a great design is crucial for making a strong first impression, enhancing customer engagement, and building trust, which is why they focus on creating a custom website that reflects your unique brand identity​​​​​​. Their redesign process is comprehensive, ensuring that your product pages are optimized to effectively showcase your products, and that the most user-friendly Shopify apps are integrated to streamline navigation and the checkout process​​​​.

Seamless Shopify Migrations

IT-Geeks specializes in seamless Shopify migrations, expertly transitioning your store from any platform with precision and care to ensure no disruption to your business. Their process is tailored to preserve the integrity of your data, maintain SEO rankings, and enhance user experience on Shopify’s robust ecosystem. Choose IT-Geeks for a hassle-free migration to Shopify, backed by a team committed to your e-commerce growth and success.


 IT-Geeks Client Reviews

The Only Shopify Expert With 4500 + 5 STAR Reviews

Marie @ Marie Reynolds London

“Excellent service I am so thrilled with the work but more than that the advice and care taken to calm any fears I had Thank you for your patience and expertise. I will certainly be using IT Geeks for any future projects”

Vincent Vu @ Kactus

“Sam is our project manager, he was always on top of things and went above and beyond to fine-tune the UI to exactly what we need. Highly recommended!”

Catherine Bresner @ Wave Books

“The project manager Eva, made herself very available to me. She talked with me on the phone every week and checked in with me frequently by email. They were so friendly and knowledgeable. They made thoughtful suggestions and were always polite.”

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