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The website you were shopping on is powered with Ongoing  automatic recurring payments. We provide a fast & secure way for customers to pay on a repeat basis for products they love!

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Cancel Anytime

You can cancel or pause  your subscription from the Subscriber Portal. This will stop all future reurring charges. For customers with a minimum time commitment, you can cancel or pause after your minimum amount of time is up.

Subscriber Portal

On the Subscriber Portal, you can make changes to your subscription at any time.  You can change your shipping address, update payment information, see products ordered, view order history, and pause or cancel your subscription.

Secure Payments

Shopify and Ongoing use a “credit card vault” which is PCI compliant. All payment details are encrypted for an added layer of data security, . Shopify stores and processes the credit cards, which keeps customers’ data safe & secure.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I login to the Subscriber Portal?

Any customer who purchases a subscription product, will automatically receive an email from Ongoing with a link to the customer Portal. No account creation or password is required.

Method #1: Click the link ‘Manage Your Subscription‘ in the subscription confirmation email

Method #2: On the thank you page, after your purchase you’ll see a button ‘Manage Your Subscription’

Method #3: You can requst a one time magic link at StoreName.com/apps/ongoing-subscriptions/login

For more info, click here.

How do I pause my subscription?

Pausing a subscription allows orders to be temporarily turned off so you will not recevie a future delivery or be charged. As a customer, you can pause your subscription in your Customer Portal. For more info, click here.

How do I change my payment information?

As a customer, you can change your payment information in the Customer Portal by clicking ‘Update Payment Details.’ You can change both your payment details and billing address. For more info, click here.

How do I edit the shipping address?

From the customer portal, click on the subscription # of the order you’d like to edit the shipping address. Click ‘Change Shipping Address.’ For more info, click here.

How do I view my subscription orders?

You can view your subscription order details in the Customer Portal. Click the link in your subscription confirmation email. In the customer portal, click ‘All Orders. Click the order number you want to view for more details. For more info, click here.

Can I skip a delivery?


Can I remove a product from my subscription order?

Yes! From the Subscriber Portal, click Remove Product.

Can I get the link to the Subscriber Portal again?
Yes! 1.) Ongoing allows you to request a one-time email with a link to the Subscriber Portal, look for “Manage Subscriptions” on the store you have a subscription with. 2) If you can’t find the email, you can email your merchant to request they resend you the link to the customer portal.  3) Depending on the email system you might be using, sometimes emails can be routed into different folders like promotions folder, or possibly even junk/spam so we recommend them looking in these areas just in case. 4) Get a one-time “magic link” sent to your inbox by going to:  StoreName.com/apps/ongoing-subscriptions/login 
Will I receive an email before my subscription renews?

Yes! You will receive an email a couple of days before your subscription renews with a link to the Subscriber Portal so you can make changes if you’d like.

Can I change my delivery frequency?

Yes! To change your subscription frequency, please contact your merchant to let them know the frequncy change you’d like implemented.

Can I change my quantity?

Yes! In the Subscriber Portal you can click on “Change Quantity” to adjust the amount of the product you’d like to receive on your next recurring order. The price will automatically adjust (lower if you reduce the quantity) and higher (if you increase the quantity). After you agree to the new quantity, it’ll automatically be applies to all future recurring orders. You can change your quantity as needed, at any time.

Can I swap products?

Yes! From the Subscriber Portal, click on Swap Product to select either a different product or change the size/color of the same product

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes! As a customer, you can easily cancel your subscription in the Subsciber Portal. Cancelling a subscription allows orders to be turned off. You will no longer be charged. This ends your subscription.*  For more info, click here.

* If your subscription has a minimum time commitment, cancellations are accepted after the completion of the minimum duration.


Can I add a product to my subscription order?


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🎉 Subscription Order Questions


Please contact your merchant directly, and they can help you with your order

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What WE Do

Easily manage your subscription order

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Easily Manage Subscription Orders

We make it simple to make changes to your subscription order, by having a subscriber portal where you can cancel or pause, update your payments and shipping address.

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Automatic Deliveries

When you order a subscription, you get to have the products you love delivered straight to your door automatically, set to a schedule of your choice! Ongoing makes it simple to order a subscription with the convenience of autoship.

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Automatic Payments

You only have to enter your credit card once when you order a subscription, and then never again. We’ll handle processing the recurring payments for you automatically. Enjoy the convenience of automatic billing.

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Smart Payment Checker

We make sure your payment details are always current, and will remind you if you have an upcoming expiring card you need to update or if your payment was declined. We will send you helpful emails to let you know about upcoming renewals as well so you can make changes or opt-out.

Subscription Emails

When you order a subscription product, you’ll get a welcome email with a link to the Subscriber portal. You gain instant access to the subscriber portal, and there is no login or password required. You can simply click the link and instantly access your orders!

Subscriber Portal

The subscriber portal is where you can manage your subscription order and make any changes that you want. You can access the subscriber portal anytime, from anywhere. You can pause or cancel your subscription order with one click!