Get more sales on your Shopify store by creating subscription products!  Customers who subscribe get charged automatically on a recurring basis which earns you more revenue, and offers your customers convenience. 


Works on any Shopify Theme

Our app works out of the box with every Shopify theme, and we also offer free installation support in case you need any customizations. Install our app today and try it out for yourself! You’ll be amazed to see our subscription widget miraculously pop up on your product page! Instantly convert any ordinary product into a subscription product so it’s automatically re-ordered. We’ll also take care of all subscription billing!

Easy to Use

Create a subscription product in minutes!

We pride ourselves on making our Shopify subscriptions app as easy to use, so you can transform any ordinary product into a subscription product with just a couple clicks. Automatic recurring billing and subscriptioin management included!

Pricing FAQ

How do I pay for the app?

Merchants are charged based on the plan they select, which can have a monthly recurring fee and per transaction fees.

What is a transaction fee?

A transaction fee is the charge for any purchase initiated by Ongoing, such as any order containing a subscription product. Transaction fees differ per plan.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you are welcome to cancel or uninstall at any time.

When do I pay for the app?

The charge will incur on your next billing cycle. 

How can I upgrade plans?

You are welcome to upgrade your plan at any time within the app or you can get in touch with our customer support and we would be happy to help you out.

What is a subscription contract?

Everytime a customer buys a subscription product on your store, that’s a subscription contract which is an agreement between you and your customer for recurring orders.

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Transform your store into a reliable source of recurring revenue. Subscriptions help encourage loyalty, lower acquisition costs, give you more cash on hand, and offer up-selling opportunities.