Subscriber Portal

Let customers manage subscription orders

Ongoing gives all of your customers who have purchased a subscription product access to an online subscriber portal. They can easily manage and track all of their subscription orders and make changes all on their own.

Give customers a place to track subscription orders

Customers can stay up to date with their subscription orders and know when packages will arrive.

They can view information like their next order date and see their order history.

The subscriber portal helps build confidence in your customers and creates brand loyalty. 

Customers can easily manage their subscriptions

Does your customer want to change their subscription plan? No problem!

With the Ongoing subscriber portal, they can make any changes they want to their subscription order.

Customers can simply hop onto the subscriber portal and make any changes they need to like pause or cancel a subscription.

This helps customers stay in control of their orders and gives them peace of mind.

Increase customer retention with our Pause subscription feature

The pause feature helps you retain customers and avoid churn (aka: losing subscriptions).

Instead of canceling a subscription, customers will have the option to pause.

Pausing a subscription temporarily stops future orders until subscription is reactivated.

Customers are able to pause any subscription order from the Subscriber Portal.

Pausing is better than a subscription cancellation because the customer can come back at a later time and continue being a paying customer.

Customers Can Easily Update Payment Information

If your customer needs to change or edit their billing information, they can do this on the subscriber portal.

The subscriber portal lets them edit their payment details like credit card information so they can stay up to date with payments.

By having your customers update their payment information on their own, this saves you the trouble of chasing them down.

This also increases the likelihood of having the successful transactions on every billing period.

Subscriber Portal Reduces Customer Support Requests


The subscriber portal allows customers to see all their subscription information in one convenient location.

This helps limit the amount of emails you get with questions about a customer order.

In one click, customers can view their billing information, order history, shipping details, etc.

Your customers will be happy to be able to access all the information they need about their subscription order.


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