10 Shopify Subscription Based Companies We Love ❤️

shopify subscription based companies we love

Written by Adriana Pope

June 2, 2021

Are you wondering what type of subscription based companies out there are crushing it? Well you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll tell you about the top 10 Shopify stores selling subscriptions that we love.

We’ll cover all the things they are doing right.

And analyze how their subscription product pages are optimized for success. And sales.

Make sure to read each success story as they are all different with unique offerings. We hope you can apply these creative subscription marketing strategies to your own Shopify store.

What are Subscription Based Companies?

Subscription based companies are businesses that sell products on a recurring basis. Basically if the customer is placing a repeat order, then it’s a subscription company.

Typically these are physical goods like deodorant, coffee and pet food. They can also sell digital products like services, templates, and downloads.

Subscriptions offer convenience to your customers because it lets them “set is and forget it.”

After their initial subscription order (and entering in their credit card details) the customer is charged automatically for a set price and receive regular deliveries of the product they subscribed to.

Subscription Based Companies Examples

An easy example that everyone can relate to is Netflix. You pay a monthly fee for a service. Your card is charged automatically using AutoPay.

Another example is a subscription box which gets delivered to your door every month. Subscription boxes are a recurring transaction and are neat because they let the customer get repeat deliveries.

Subscription Companies Top Picks

Here are a list of the subscription based companies we’ll talk about.

We’ve listed here the type of industry and products each company sells.

All of these companies are powered by Shopify.

  • Joshua Tree Coffee Company – Coffee & Tea Products
  • Foot Cardigan – Apparel & Accessories
  • Hu Kitchen – Health Food Products
  • Jackie’s Chocolates – Candy & Sweets
  • Myro – Deodorant & Zero Waste Products
  • The Detox Market – Green Beauty & Skincare Products
  • Green Up – Eco-friendly Products
  • Partake – Allergy Friendly Food Products
  • Tsuno – Female Hygiene Products
  • Meow Meow Tweet – Natural Body Care

Top 10 Shopify Subscription Based Companies

subscription based business ideas
Source: JT Coffee Company

1) Joshua Tree Coffee

The Joshua Tree Coffee Company is a stunning example of a website killing it by selling subscriptions. They sell locally roasted organic coffee. We love the sleek design of this website with professional product photos and minimal text.

The homepage encourages you to immediately click on a featured coffee. The subscription plans are straightforward and simple. Customers can choose from delivery every 30, 14 or 7 days.

subscription based companies example
Source: JT Coffee Company

The Subscribe and Save button is nice and prominent. The Subscribe and Save button also shows customers they’ll save 10% if they commit to repeat orders.

subscription based business
Source: JT Coffee Company

This product has almost 1000 reviews which means there are a lot of happy customers giving this subscription product 5 stars. Having lots of reviews helps you show up on Google search results and rank higher with SEO Rich Snippets.

biggest subscription based companies
Source: JT Coffee Company

We also love the simplicity of the color scheme of blue and pink and how the branding is consistent. It gives the effect of a respectable, dependable company which they are.

subscription website quiz
Source: JT Coffee Company

Other details to notice is they offer a Coffee Club which lets you choose exactly the type of coffee, grind, and brew you enjoy to order your perfect subscription for yourself or a friend. Subscription gift options are a great way to increase sales on your store by letting customers buy the subscription for someone else.

ecommerce recurring orders website examples
Source: Foot Cardigan

2) Foot Cardigan

Foot Cardigan was recently featured on the hit TV show Shark Tank. The investors went crazy for this sock subscription box idea. With over 1 million pairs sold to date, this company has been booming ever since.

successful subscription based companies
Source: Foot Cardigan

They mail subscribers the raddest socks every month. We love how they simplified the buying process with a quick questionnaire.

The customer chooses a subscription plan such as month to month plan for only $12.99. By the way, this price point is perfect because its super affordable. Even though it’s a luxury item, most folks can part with 13 bucks lying around.

subscription based companies websites
Source: Foot Cardigan

We like how they encourage the customer to buy two pairs of socks per month which is an upgrade from the monthly one pair option.

best subscription website ideas
Source: Foot Cardigan

Foot Cardigan also has plenty of reviews complete with customer product photos which helps lends credibility to their brand. Overall this subscription product page is perfectly optimized to increase conversion rates.

We also like how the 6 month prepaid subscription plan is half the price of the pay-per-delivery option which encourages the customer to pay upfront and commit to half the year to save 50%.

shopify subscriptions website builder
Source: Hu Kitchen

3) Hu Kitchen

Hu is a new Brand that made a splash with health foodies everywhere! This company sells food products that are grain free and paleo. We love the Subscribe & Save at the top of their navigation bar which takes the customer to all of their subscription products. They offer subscription products like sugar free chocolate, gluten free crackers, and allergy friendly cookies.

subscription based companies food products
Source: Hu Kitchen

The subscribe and save tells the customer right off the bat they can save 10% if they get a delivery every month. We like how this breaks down the cost per item. It says “$5.00/bar”. The little icons encourage the customer to click the add to cart button, by displaying messages like “100% satisfaction guaranteed, and free shipping if you spend more than $75.

selling subscriptions using shopify platform
Source: Hu Kitchen

This product also has a ton of customer reviews which are all five stars which helps sell their subscription even more to those on the fence.

We also love their well thought out diagrams showcasing what ingredients are NOT in their products. This emphasizes the top notch quality ingredients that are included in this product which gives the customer a reason to buy the product in case they have a food sensitivity, allergy or just a dietary preference like Keto, vegan or gluten free.

subscription based companies examples
Source: Jackie’s Chocolates

4) Jackie’s Chocolates

Jackies’s chocolates is not just your ordinary chocolate shop. This Shopify store is extremely popular with folks who are sugar free.

This is what separates them apart from the crowd. Having a unique offering can help boost your sales especially if you become well known for that specialty. Jackie’s Chocolates offer a delicious box of sugar free chocolates on a monthly basis which includes chewy caramels, crunchy nuts, and creamy centers.

subscription based companies top 10
Source: Jackie’s Chocolates

We love how they have a very simple branded box with their name on it which helps with brand recognition. Happy customers will tell their friends about the product and encourage them to also subscribe to a monthly box for only $30.

how to offer subscriptions using shopify
Source: Jackie’s Choclates

Jackie’s Chocolates advertises their monthly chocolate subscription on their homepage which is a smart note. Instead of having customers buy your product once, they encourage chocolate aficionados to subscribe to their product on a monthly basis.

subscription based companies using shopify
Source: Jackie’s Chocolates

The monthly chocolate subscription does renew every month but they also offer a 3, 6, and 12 month option that don’t renew. This is clever for anyone looking to buy the chocolate subscription box as a gift.

subscription management store example shopify

5) Myro Refillable Deodorant

You gotta love a company that’s not afraid to cuss, right?! Myro is a company that is all about saving the planet. And they make that clear.

Their green product line of 24 hours plant powered deodorant is plastic neutral. That means the refill pods help cut down on plastic waste. We love the casual and witty copy writing on their homepage like “love at first swipe.”

recurring deliveries automatically shopify store example
Source: Myro

The brand promotes their “refills” meaning customers can easily get a refill of the deodorant delivered to their door.

recurring billing using shopify website example
Source: Myro

We love how they have a Mission statement page on their website which helps tell the story of how they are a Eco-friendly company. If your subscription business is doing something great for people or the earth, make sure to hone in on this.

subscribe and save shopify example
Source: Myro

Myro offers either a one time purchase or a subscribe and save option. The subscription plan helps the customer save $5 and gets them free shipping.

selling subscription products shopify shop
Source: Myro

They casually remind the customer they can cancel any time or skip a shipment which helps folks complete their checkout process. Lastly, we think it’s clever how they let the customer pick 3 different scents to pick from for their first shipment.

top subscription based companies 2021
Source: Detox Market

6) The Detox Market

Green beauty has arrived. Online stores selling products with a smaller carbon footprint are trending right now.

We love how this company showcases the box on their homepage right front and center. The clever copy writing on the box “Get Ready to be Obsessed”. The goal of the subscription box is to provide customers with the highest quality green products on the market.

subscription box company example
Source: Detox Market

The Detox subscription box is available at a monthly rate of $58.95 which is catering to a higher end of the market, and that’s okay, because there’s a demand for it. Consumer buying behavior has switched towards spending more on products made with more natural ingredients.

shopify business using recurring online payments
Source: Detox Market

We also love how they breakdown the costs associated with monthly charges, and shipping for each subscription plan. It takes the guess work out of it for shoppers browsing plans.

subscription website questionnaire
Source: Detox Market

Lastly, we think it’s smart to include a FAQ at the bottom of the page answering commonly asked questions like “what’s inside the box?” and “when do I get my box?”

It makes shoppers more likely to subscribe if the company provides them with all the information they need to know about pricing and delivery.

how do subscription websites work
Source: Green Up

7) Green Up Box

Green Up Subscription Box is making waves with folks who want to reduce plastic in their lives. This subscription box comes packed with lots of useful household and hygiene products, minus the plastic. We really love how they showcase past boxes so you can see what kinds of products are included in the box.

example of subscription website
Source: Green Up

This helps manage the expectations of your customer and also leads to higher levels of satisfaction.

launch a subscription website example
Source: Green Up

If customers know what to expect, chances are they’ll be happy with what they end up with. We also think it’s pretty clever how they have a Vegan box or a Beegan box (for those who consume honey).

subscription based companies tutorial

On the Green Up Box homepage, we love how they explain how the whole subscription process works. The copy writing is very empowering. They tell shoppers they get to “join the movement” and “be part of the change.”

subscription box shopify store example
Source: Green Up

We love the idea of creating a community around a cause and making a real impact on the world with your business. Green Up Box is proving is can be done.

subscription based website
Source: Green Up

We also really admire how much effort they put into taking product photographs to showcase all the different products to be included in the box. Again, the more info you can give your shopper the better off you are at getting a sale.

recurring transactions shopify
Source: Partake

8) Partake Foods

Who says cookies have to be bad for you? This company is making strides when it comes to revolutionizing the cookie. Made from whole plant based allergy friendly ingredients, Partake is changing how we eat.

subscription cookie website example
Source: Partake

Luckily for all of us, they offer a subscription to their many food products. Their soft chocolate chip cookies are available on a subscribe and save plan which saves customers 10%. We love how they keep it simple and let customers choose from a 2 or 4 week delivery schedule. We also think it’s smart they explain their value.

recurring revenue company
Source: Partake

What makes their company so different? Well, their food products are free from the top 8 allergens. If you have a product which is special in some way, make sure to tell your customers about it.

repeat orders company
Source: Partake

They’ve created an info graphic showing all of the allergens crossed out to really get the message across. They make sure to explain all the different benefits about their cookies like how it only contains 2.5 grams of sugar and are naturally gluten free.

subscription based company
Source: Partake

Whenever possible, simplify your product page by making only key information easily scannable. Since the focus is on their special ingredients, they also have a whole page dedicated on their website to Ingredients.

subscription website store inspiration
Source: Tsuno

9) Tsuno

Tsuno is an Australian company making period products with a twist. They sell organic tea and chocolate which we think is a really creative combination!

Their subscription box lets women get an assortment of ethical pads and tampons once a month delivered to their doorstep.

subscription product shopify store example
Source: Tsuno

They offer the option to donate a box to a charity which we think makes them stand out from their competition.

how subscriptions work on shopify
Source: Tsuno

We think it’s clever to explain to customers why they would want to subscribe for regular deliveries. They explain everything the shopper needs to know about the subscription process (what comes inside, when it arrives, how they source items, etc.)

build a box subscriptions shopify store
Source: Tsuno

And lastly the idea of building your own box is really genius.

This allows the customer to get exactly what they want every month. It also works really nicely to up-sell the customer on adding products to their order like chocolates and tea. By encouraging add-ons, this helps increase the overall cart value, and earns the merchant more recurring revenue over time.

natural products selling subscriptions shopify
Source: Meow Meow Tweet

10) Meow Meow Tweet

In a competitive market like natural body care products, you want to stand out. Oh boy, does this company stand out! It’s a good thing Meow Meow Tweet is so unique.

shopify store selling refill subscription product
Source: Meow Meow Tweet

From their incredibly playful branding, to their mission to save the planet from plastic waste these guys are doing everything right.

product subscription website
Source: Meow Meow Tweet

If you sell subscription products on your Shopify store, make sure to take a double look at the Meow Meow Tweet website for some inspiration.

subscribe and save footer link
Source: Meow Meow Tweet

We love how they have a “Subscribe and Save” link in their footer. This is a smart way to get shoppers browsing to take a look at all of your subscription products in one go!

recurring orders process using shopify
Source: Meow Meow Tweet

We also love how they have super creative packaging for their subscription products. Remember it’s the whole experience that counts. You want to make your customers happy and super cool packaging with cool art can help create a wonderful experience.

subscription based companies inspiration
Source: Meow Meow Tweet

You want your customers to feel like they are getting a gift in the mail. Meow Meow Tweet is an awesome company because they are revolutionizing how people smell.

best subscription websites shopify
Source: Meow Meow Tweet

From hair care to natural deodorants, they are creating vegan, organic products that actually work (based on the raving reviews they have).

best shopify stores selling subscriptions
Source: Meow Meow Tweet

We think it’s super smart they have a section on their product page dedicated to how they are different. Remember being different is a good thing. You don’t want to be like the rest of your competitors. You need to stand out with high quality products and legendary branding.

Subscription Based Companies Summary

I hope this article has taught you a thing or two about how to set up your own store on Shopify to sell subscriptions.

All of these subscription based companies have one thing in common. They are effective.

This means their website is optimized for sales. It’s not all just about looking pretty, you have to make sure your Shopify store website is set up to make people want to buy things from your shop. If you don’t have sales, there could be an issue with your product pages, images, copy writing, or maybe even the product itself.

These subscription based companies all put in 200% effort into making their sites optimized for conversions. The goal is to sell your subscription products. These websites we showcased in this article are all making sure their subscription plans are easy and simple to understand. They make it as friction-less as possible for the customer to figure out what they want and it to their cart.

Remember the goal is to get subscribers. And the way to do that is by creating a website that gets that message clearly across. Don’t make shoppers browsing your website have to click a million times before they can see you sell subscription products. Showcase your subscription products on your homepage. Make it known. Because these subscription orders are far more valuable than a one time purchase.

Thanks so much for reading our guide on the top Shopify subscription based companies to model your own store after. We hope you’ve learned a lot and are pumped up to make some improvements on your own Shopify store.

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