Ongoing Features

Grow your online store by offering recurring payments so you can start earning recurring revenue

Recurring Payments Made Easy

Instantly set up your products so shoppers can order them on a repeat basis. Customers will enjoy the convenience of automatically being charged based on a subscription schedule. No need to chase down customers for late or missed payments because Ongoing handles all recurring bill for all of your subscription orders.

Automated Renewals

Customers enter their credit card details once, and benefit from automatic repeat deliveries.

Automatic Recurring Billing

Recover missed or late payments and earn more revenue. Designed to create repeat customers!

Earn Recurring Revenue

Subscriptions are a great way to increase your sales and bring in more money. By offering repeat orders, you can gain loyal repeat customers. Ongoing gives you everything you need to start offering subscription products, and process recurring transactions.

Fast & Easy Setup

Instantly install our app and start creating your first subscription product within a minute. 

See Results

Track how much money you’re earning with subscriptions and see revenue forecast reports


Everything you need to create subscription products on your Shopify store so you can start earning more revenue and increase your overall sales

Recurring Billing

Automated billing handles failed credit card payments to recover transactions

Subscription Plans

Let customers choose their delivery frequency for their subscription orders

Subscription Discounts

Reward customers for repeat orders with discounted pricing on subscriptions

Subscription Portal

Your customers can track, manage, and edit their subscription orders

Recurring Payments

Customers automatically charged on a recurring basis based on a schedule

Subscription Analytics

Track how much money the app is earning you with subscriptions

Try Ongoing Today!

Learn how you can start selling subscription products & start earning recurring revenue. Encourage shoppers to subscribe to the products they love with discounts baked right into the subscription!

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