Subscription Plans

Let customers choose their delivery frequency

Ongoing Subscriptions lets you offer your product to be delivered automatically on a regular basis. Customers can choose how often they want to receive the product and are charged automatically ever time they get a delivery.

Increase revenue by selling subscription products

Subscription plans offer alternative ways for customers to buy your products.

You can increase your sales by incentivizing website visitors to purchase a subscription product by giving them a discounted price on repeat orders.


Earn Recurring Revenue by selling subscription products

Recurring revenue is when your customers pay you again and again for a product to be delivered.

Subscription products are the best way to earn recurring revenue through recurring transactions.

With subscription products, your customers are charged on a recurring basis to receive automatic repeat deliveries.

Recurring revenue helps you generate a steady and predictable income. Since subscription products are recurring in nature, you can easily forecast future income.

Subscription Plans Create Life-long Customers

Gone are the days of having a customer buy your product only once and then never again.

With subscription products, you can create life long customers who are purchasing your products on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Another benefit is subscription plans auto renew, which automatically charges your customer to continue the service and keep getting deliveries.

Customers enjoy the convenience of receiving the products they love delivered without having to enter their credit card info again and again.


Display Savings with Instant Discount on Subscriptions

Shoppers can see how much money they will save by buying a subscription.

In exchange for committing to repeat deliveries of the products they love, they can get 10% off for example.

Ongoing subscriptions automatically calculates the money saved in any currency and displays it next to the product information.

Offering subscription plans will make it hard for customers to pay full price, encouraging them to subscribe and save.

Let Customers Customize their Delivery Frequency

Your customers can choose how often they want the subscription product delivered to their door.

Someone might want to subscribe to a bag of coffee once a week, while another customer might only want it once a month.

As a merchant, you have the flexibility to set up the delivery frequency options on the subscription plan.

You can offer options that make sense for your product and how often your customers want to use or receive the product.

Ability to Offer Automatic Repeat Deliveries

If you’re not selling subscription products, you’re only able to sell a product once. If a customer wants to buy the same product again, they’ll have to go back to your site and enter in their info.

With subscription plans, after the customer makes their first initial order they can just sit back and receive automatic repeat deliveries.

As a merchant, you can also sit back and enjoy automatic repeat payments getting delivered straight to your account.

You can earn more by doing less! Subscription plans help keep your customers happy by offering them the convenience of AutoPay.


Give Shoppers Multiple Purchasing Options

Shoppers will enjoy having a choice of how often they would like the subscription product delivered.

By offering subscription plans, you are offering alternative ways for shoppers to pay you.

Subscription plans work seamlessly by creating a recurring charge for the customer that only ends if they cancel.


Encourages Shoppers to Subscribe & Save 


Do you want people visiting your shop to purchase a product? Of course you do.

You can create a discounted price on your subscription plans to entice customers.

Subscription discounts are a great way to show shoppers they can save a good chunk of cash if they choose to repeat deliveries.

Ongoing subscriptions automatically creates a beautiful widget on your product page to show how much the customer saves depending on the subscription plan they select.

Proudly displaying the discount on your product page helps create FOMO (fear of missing out) in shoppers so they are more likely to checkout.


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Transform your store into a reliable source of recurring revenue. Subscriptions help encourage loyalty, lower acquisition costs, give you more cash on hand, and offer cross-selling opportunities