Recurring Billing

Automatic repeat charges

Ongoing handles all of your subscription billing so customers are charged on a repeat basis. We also take care of recovering any missed or late payments to make sure you get paid on time, every time.

Recurring billing increases customer retention

Ongoing helps you keep and hold onto your current customers.

Ongoing automatically charges your customers on a repeat basis for subscription products, which helps them to “set it and forget it.”

This subscription model is great for giving your customers convenience, and providing you with a loyal customer base.

By having recurring billing, you can lower the amount you spend on acquiring new customers.

Minimizes customers support for billing questions


Ongoing gives your customers access to a Subscriber portal where they can track and manage their orders.

Customers can go onto the subscriber portal and view all of their billing information.

They can also makes changes to their payment information subscription orders.

This helps limit the amount of emails you get with questions about a customer order.

In one click, customers can view their billing information, order history, shipping details, etc. 

Reduce missed or late payments

Ongoing automatically handles all subscription order charges.

No need to worry about figuring out when a customer needs to make a payment, because we take care of that for you.

If a customers credit card fails on a payment, our smart retry logic will attempt to bill them again.

This clever billing system helps you recover late or missed payments, earning you more recurring revenue.

Flexibility to create many subscription plans

Ongoing keeps track of all your billing frequency options on subscription plans.

This means all you have to do is create a subscription plan for customers to choose from, and that’s it.

All the subscription billing occurs automatically in the background like magic.

Track subscription billing for all customers

Easily view all of your active subscriptions and orders on the merchant dashboard.

Ongoing makes it simple to track and manage all of your subscriptions so you can easily fulfill them.

It’s also great to see a list of all subscriptions and view order history with one click

Recurring billing lowers customer churn rate

Churn rate is how fast your customers are canceling their subscription.

The idea is to have this as low as possible. Ideally you want all your customers to stay on, as long as possible.

Recurring billing lowers your churn rate because customers are less likely to leave if they are charged on a monthly or weekly basis.

Customers are even more less likely to cancel because they want to continue receiving your product. 

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Transform your store into a reliable source of recurring revenue. Subscriptions help encourage loyalty, lower acquisition costs, give you more cash on hand, and offer cross-selling opportunities