Seamless Migrations

We can seamlessly transfer over your active subscribers from another subscription company over to Ongoing without any interruptions. Customers won’t miss a billing or delivery!

Ongoing Migrations

We Do It All For You

Fast Turnaround

Migrations are quickly and painless, 100% handled completely by our team

Transfers Active Subscribers

Keep your paying subscribers & their data intact when you move to Ongoing

Zero Interruptions

Customers never miss a billing or delivery, it’s a smooth transfer

Safe & Secure Process

Credit card numbers are encrypted by Shopify & we never see or store them

See Subscribers in Ongoing

See all of your active subscribers pop up on Ongoing with all of their info

Stress-free Data Transfer

We take care of moving your active subscribers for you, so you can relax

Hands Off Implementation

We handle everything for the migration process from start to finish

No Skipped Billing

Customers are billed according to their frequency, & no charges are skipped

No Skipped Deliveries

Customers receive a delivery based on their frequency, without interruptions

Providing You Reliable Data Transfer for Existing Subscribers

We Handle the Entire Process for an Optimized Customer Experience

We Make Security & Privacy our Top Priority

What WE Do

Easily transfer your current subscribers over to Ongoing.

Smooth Data Transfer

We can safely transfer over your active subscribers over to Ongoing. If you are currently using an approved Shopify Subscriptions Payment Gateway such as Stripe, Shopify Payments, Paypal, or then you are eligible for a migration. We handle everything for you,  completely headache-free.

Secure Backups

All data is backed up securely on Shopify hosted servers so customer information is never lost along the way.  Ongoing makes sure all information is securely transferred over from one subscription software to Ongoing and is then backed-up on the cloud with Shopify.

Safe & Secure

Our Product Team handles the migrations for you in-house, here in California. All credit card numbers are encrypted by Shopify. We can not see any credit card numbers. Shopify and Ongoing use a “credit card vault” which is PCI compliant.  Shopify stores and processes the credit cards, which keeps your customers’ data safe & secure.

Dedicated Support

We are here to handle everything for you, every step of the way. We offer email support, chat support, and phone support. Strategic planning is also offered via zoom meetings. We never shuffle you around, and you can always speak to a real person anytime!


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of subscriptions can you migrate?

We can migrate any type of recurring payment no matter what type of subscription plan it is, it just needs to be eligible for  migration with Shopify. Email us at Ongoing & we can help you with everything, we offer a seamless completely hands-off migration experience.

What Payment Gateways are eligible for subscription migrations?

Ongoing can migrate your existing subscriptions from Stripe, Shopify Payments, and Paypal Express checkout.

What Shopify Subscriptions app can I migrate from?

Any! You can your migrate subscriptions over to Ongoing from any Shopify Subscriptions app. Send us an email and we can take of the whole thing for you (100% stress free). Migrate your subscriptions over to Ongoing from whatever subscription app you’re currently using, in a snap.

Will subscribers experience interruptions?

Nope! You’re current subscribers will not experieince any interrruptions. they will not miss a billing or a delivery. They will simply be transferred over.

Will subscribers get access to the new Subscriber Portal?

Yes, once the customer has been migrated over to Ongoing, we will welcome them to the new customer portal via an email with a magic link. They can click the link and instantly access their customer portal wihtout having to create a login with your store. If customers do have an account with your store, they can access the customer portal that way as well.

Can I migrate to Ongoing subscriptions if I'm switching to Shopify?

Yes, if you are currently switching platforms and moving over to Shopify, you can migrate your current subscribers over to Ongoing as long as they are eligible. Shopify currently accepts the following payment gateways:, Paypal Express, Stripe and of course Shopify Payments.

Can I migrate subscriptions from Stripe?

Yes. We can handle migrations from the payment gateway Stripe over to Ongoing if you have a Shopify store.

Can I migrate subscriptions from

Yes. We can handle migrations from the payment gateway over to Ongoing if you have a Shopify store.

Can I migrate subscriptions from Paypal?

Yes. We can handle migrations from the payment gateway Paypal over to Ongoing if you have a Shopify store.

Can I migrate from subscriptions Shopify Payments?

Yes. We can handle migrations from the payment gateway Shopify Payments over to Ongoing if you have a Shopify store.

How long do subscription migrations usually take?

About 30 days or less, but we can work on tight deadlines if your shop needs that. Having a migration done within a week or less turnaround is possible, just let us know.

What plan do I need to be on to qualify for migrations?

Any plan is fine with us.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

You guys have been so helpful throughout this entire migration process! I really appreciate you!

Svetlana Sanchez

CEO, Gressa Skincare

Wow! I have been blown away by the customer service, support and product. Within 5 minutes of installing the app I had a call from support to help me set everything up. They had to do a little work to make the colour scheme match our website. It was done within 12 hrs. I’ve just had another message from Adriana to check all is OK. I can not fault the service or product.
I’ve been so disappointed with other apps on shopify in the past but this one is PERFECT.
Keep up the great work guys. Its a faultless experience so far!

Ryan Justin

Owner, Fox & Wolf

We have used two other subscription providers previously on the Shopify platform, and they have been hard to deal with unsatisfactory results for ourselves and our customers. Ongoing Subscriptions has been absolutely amazing! We really appreciate the positive and proactive approach to tech support. They helped us fix our broken subscriptions. This is exactly what we (and our customers) needed. Thanks so much!

Darcy Schack

CEO, Zestt Wellness

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