Subscription Analytics

Track subscription revenue with reports & charts

Ongoing gives you all the analytical tools you need to understand how much money you’re making from subscription products. Easily track your profit along with managing customer orders.

View recurring revenue from subscriptions

Subscriptions create repeat orders which generates repeat income.

Recurring revenue is one of the biggest benefits of selling subscription products. See how much profit you are earning and visualize cash flow easily with Ongoing.

Easily identify peaks and dips to quickly see how your store is performing at a glance.

Easily forecast future subscription revenue

Ongoing helps you easily forecast future revenue coming from subscriptions.

Selling subscriptions helps create a steady stream of predictable income.

Forecasting revenue helps with managing inventory and business planning.


Visualize active subscriptions with charts

It’s always easier to see how your store’s performing with a chart than by staring at numbers.

Ongoing displays a simple chart so you can see how many active subscriptions you have.

Keep track and manage your subscriptions so you can know your sales are doing.


See how much money Ongoing is making you

Want to know how much money you’re making from subscriptions?

Ongoing subscriptions shows you how much you’re bringing in with repeat orders.

Recurring transactions are a great way to increase the overall revenue on your Shopify store.



Up to Date Subscription Reports

Ongoing shows you all of your new active subscriptions so you can stay on top it.

Get deeper insights about customer purchases by seeing what people are shopping for and what your most popular products are.

Subscription reports help you keep your business finances organized and help you stay in control.


View Total Subscription Earnings

Want to know much money you’re making on subscriptions alone? Ongoing calculates your subscription revenue and displays this on your merchant dashboard.

Use this information to make informed decisions about your company.


Track & Manage Upcoming Subscription Orders

Ongoing makes it easy to know how many upcoming subscription orders you have.

Track how many subscriptions you currently have along with canceled and inactive. Manage customer subscriptions all in one convenient location.

See patterns in customer buying behavior so you can strategize your next step.


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Transform your store into a reliable source of recurring revenue. Subscriptions help encourage loyalty, lower acquisition costs, give you more cash on hand, and offer cross-selling opportunities