Subscription Discounts

Encourage shoppers to subscribe & save

Ongoing Subscriptions helps you reward customers on repeat orders with reduced pricing. Subscription discounts help entice new customers by offering them a chance to save money by subscribing to a product.

Subscription Discounts encourage shoppers to subscribe

Entice customers who want to save money by offering them a discount if they purchase a subscription product.

Website visitors will be curious when they see one of the purchasing options is “subscribe & save.”

Instead of a customer buying a product once, they can choose to subscribe to a product for a discounted price.

Ongoing displays the discount percentage on your product page (Example: 10%) and also shows how much money they are saving.



Reward customers for brand loyalty

One way to keep your customers buying from your store is by offering subscription products.

Customers who subscribe get a discount for placing a repeat order. They are less likely to cancel your subscription because they will cease to have discounted pricing.

Offering a subscription discount lets your customers save money if they want to commit to automatic repeat deliveries of the products they love.

Creates repeat customers

Discounts help turn one time buyers into repeat customers.

Repeat customers purchase your products again and again on a regular basis, which helps grow revenue.

Having a loyal customer base who are willing to buy your products on a weekly or monthly basis helps strengthen your company.

Repeat customers help create a steady cash flow which ever online store can benefit from.

Research has shown customers who subscribe to a product are more likely to purchase other products from your store. Subscription discounts create a great up-sell and cross-sell opportunity.




Discounts promote repeat orders

If a shopper orders a product only one time, they have to pay full price but if they get a subscription to the product they get a discount.

Subscription discounts encourages shoppers to make repeat orders.

Repeat orders are a great way to scale up your company.

Ongoing automatically calculates the discounted price so shoppers can see how much they could save if they subscribe.

Increase your online stores recurring revenue


Subscription discounts help increase your revenue by encouraging customers to make repeat orders.

The recurring nature of subscriptions means money hits your account on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Subscription discounts encourage customers to sign up for recurring transactions because they can save money on their total order.


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Transform your store into a reliable source of recurring revenue. Subscriptions help encourage loyalty, lower acquisition costs, give you more cash on hand, and offer cross-selling opportunities