Paypal Express

Paypal Express is an approved payment provider fully integrated with Shopify which lets merchants collect payments for orders made with PayPal.

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About Paypal Express

Paypal Express which officially has just rebranded itself as Paypal Checkout is an approved payment provider with Shopify. If you use Paypal Express as your payment provider on Shopify, you are able to accept payments for your online store.  Best of all, this makes you eligble to use a subscription app on Shopify and sell recurring orders. They have over 237 million shoppers worldwide and boosts an 87% better checkout conversion rate than competitors. The best thing about Paypal Express is you only have to integrate once, and then you’re done. Paypal Express gives your customers more payment options to choose from, such as Venmo and Paypal Credit which are available as Smart Payment Buttons™️.

Paypal Express & Ongoing

Paypal Express works perfectly with Ongoing Subscriptions. If you use Paypal Express, this means you are eligible to use subscriptions. With Paypal Express, you can easily use Ongoing to offer and accept recurring payments on your store. Customers are able to subscribe to a product, and Ongoing will take care of all of the recurring billing for you, while Paypal Express processes the credit card information safely. Ongoing Subscriptions lets you create subscription plans for your products so customers can sign up for ongoing deliveries. If you use Paypal Express on your Shopify store, make sure to install Ongoing Subscriptions today and see how powerful they are together for processing recurring transactions. Now you’ll be able to offer and accept recurring payments on your Shopify store, which can help you increase revenue and create long lasting customer relationships.

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