Best Shopify Themes 2024 for Subscriptions

best shopify theme 2022

Written by Adriana Pope

January 10, 2022

In this guide, I’m going to be talking about the best Shopify theme you can use for selling subscriptions.

Choosing the right theme is super important because you want to make sure your products look great and are easily find-able.

In a nutshell, how the theme displays your products is crucial for landing a sale.

In this round-up of our favorite top seven themes, we’ll show you only the themes that we believe are truly optimized for sales and can help you earn more revenue.

I’ll also cover how the new 2.0 Online Store themes work on Shopify and why you should make the switch over, if you haven’t done so already.

Topics we’ll cover:

  • What are 2.0 Shopify Themes?
  • How do 2.0 themes work with subscriptions?
  • What are the best Shopify themes for subscriptions?
  • What Shopify subscriptions app works with 2.0 Themes?

What are 2.0 Shopify themes?

Shopify has made some big changes in the last year with how themes work.

Shopify launched Online Store 2.0 which is the new way Shopify themes will work.

In a nutshell, Shopify has created their own page builder, built directly inside of Shopify.

Now you can drag and drop, and have full control over every part of your how your website looks.

Basically all themes on the Shopify Theme store are now required to offer a 2.0 version.

If you purchased a Shopify Pro Theme, make sure you check and see if a 2.0 version is available and upgrade for free.

How do 2.0 themes work with subscriptions?

The new technology of 2.0 themes on Shopify make it easier to sell subscription products.

The new 2.0 themes use a technology called “app blocks.”

Every app has their own “app block” so you can drag and drop where app widgets appear on your site.

Ongoing Subscriptions has their own “app block” which displays a beautiful subscription widget.

The best thing about 2.0 themes is that they let you control every aspect of your product page.

Now you can place the subscription widget exactly where you want it to be and position all other product page elements.

With the old “legacy” type themes, you did not have this type of control over the position of

Also, subscriptions look and work better on the new 2.0 themes, because they are optimized for Shopify subscriptions. (more on that later)

Best Shopify Theme for Subscriptions

best shopify theme free 2.0 dawn

#1 Dawn

The new FREE Shopify 2.0 theme called Dawn is definitely the best Shopify theme out there. It uses the new technology of drag and drop. It’s super modern looking and works with pretty much any type of store.

We like the Dawn theme mainly because it was created by Shopify so it’ll work out of the box with Shopify apps, such as Ongoing Subscription. Dawn will most likely be the first to be updated. Also, variants look super good on the Dawn theme because they place them in bubbles.

Not to mention, the image swipe and zoom work really well on product pages. If you have products with lots of variants, the Dawn theme is your friend.

I think this theme would be ideal for a makeup subscription box, or any type of subscription product.

Subscriptions look incredible on the Dawn theme and are super easy to manage because you can customize every aspect of your subscription widget directly within the Shopify.

Another plus is that since this theme was created by Shopify, if you ever have a question or need help you can contact Shopify Customer Support.

Price: Free

best shopify theme subscriptions pipeline

#2 Pipeline

Pipeline is definitely one of the best Shopify themes because it’s simply beautiful and works like a charm with Shopify subscriptions.

Most people shop online these days, and Pipeline theme is fully optimized for the mobile shopping experience.

It’s great for shops that sell Clothing and accessories, Health and beauty products, as well as Sports and recreation (but that’s not all it’s limited to!)

It’s main selling points is that is caters to High-volume stores, shops selling internationally, and shops that also happen to have a physical location.

Here at Ongoing, we’ve seen how Pipeline works with our merchants store’s selling subscription products, and the subscription looks wonderful.

This Pro Shopify theme comes with all the bells and whistles you’ve been looking for at a mid-range price-point.

Price: $280 / Unlimited free trial. Pay if you publish.

best shopify theme 2.0 grid

#3 Grid

The name says it all. This masonry-style theme is absolutely gorgeous and is perfect for shops that have a story to tell.

The Grid theme is also perfect for any Shopify store looking to feature their best selling product in a grid-style layout on their homepage.

This theme is perfect for health and beauty products, but can be used for any type of product you want.

The clean, modern look of the product pages is the definitely hands down the most appealing aspect about this theme.

One of the best feature is it has an incredible blog which is great if you plan to publish regular content on your site related to your niche.

Other notable features are the slide-out cart, product badges, Product videos, mega menu, and animated photos when the mouse hovers over an image.

Although it comes with four presets, our favorite is the “Bright” preset because it’s cheerful and minimal.

Price: $240 / Unlimited free trial. Pay if you publish.

best shopify theme 2.0 maker

#4 Maker

This theme truly bursts with personality. The Maker is perfect for any shop looking for a theme with powerful promotional features.

With the ability to promote discoverability and enhance cross-selling opportunities, we think the Maker theme is top notch.

It’s important to choose a theme that can accelerate conversions, and the Maker does just that.

We love that this theme comes with three presets, our favorite being Bloom which is perfect for consumable products.

The Maker theme has a nice blog section as well so if having a great editorial area on your theme is important to you, they have that covered.

The Maker 2.0 Theme also features “drag-and-drop sections and blocks to create custom pages throughout your entire store without coding.”

Price: $250 / Unlimited free trial. Pay if you publish.

best shopify theme subscriptions prestige

#5 Prestige

If you’re looking for a top of the line Shopify theme, look no further than Prestige. This beautiful theme is fully packed with awesome features which is perfect for any catalog size.

It comes out of the gate with three presets to choose from, our favorite being the “Vogue” preset which is perfect for selling consumables or supplies.

The look and feel of the Prestige theme is definitely one of sophistication, think luxury high-end aesthetics.

The stand-out feature of Prestige is the “shop the look” section which allows you to easily up-sell to shoppers browsing your site.

The “best sellers” carousel section is also a true gem which allows for more movement around the shop.

Prestige ranks as a highly effective theme that can help you sell more products. Point blank.

Price: $300 / Unlimited free trial. Pay if you publish.

best shopify theme 2.0 mr parker

#6 Mr Parker

Mr Parker is a beautiful theme that comes with four gorgeous presets that are perfect for selling just about any type of product!

The company describes the theme as having “Drag-and-drop sections and blocks to create custom pages throughout your store without special coding. Mr Parker comes with flexible, well-designed blocks for images, products, video, quotes, and more.”

The great thing about having blocks that you can move around is that you can easily customize the look and feel of your product pages with a couple clicks.

In particular, we are really smitten with the preset called Apothecary which is perfect for shops selling consumables like food & drink, pet supplies, or health and beauty products.

Price: $220 / Unlimited free trial. Pay if you publish.

blockshop shopify pro theme

#7 Blockshop

Created by the company Troop Themes, Blockshop is arguably the best Shopify theme out there.

With it’s clean look, it’s the perfect theme for regular promotions and featuring products.

Subscription products look top notch on the Blockshop theme with gorgeous color variants and displays size options neatly in squares.

In addition, Blockshop has a super fast loading speed (a huge plus), and even has built-in SEO so your customers can find you on Google search results.

Blockshop currently offers four pre-designed presets, which gives you unlimited possibilities when it comes to designing your subscription product page and making it look stunning. Our favorite presets is “Deli” for food products and consumables, and boosts brand video banners as well as predictive live search.

The “Beauty” preset is stunning for high-volume stores, and offers a stylish UI with editorial-inspired blogs.

The mid-range price-point of the Blockshop theme is super desirable. We think it’s a steal considering it has a 96% approval rating.

Price: $250 / Unlimited free trial. Pay if you publish.

Best Shopify Subscriptions App that Works with 2.0 Themes

Here at Ongoing, we developed a special new widget design just for Shopify 2.0 Online Store.

Our new 2.0 widget is better in every way possible. It defaults automatically to “Subscribe & Save” which lets shoppers instantly be drawn to your subscription purchase options.

And if you’re offering a subscription discount, shoppers can instantly see the subscription price first!

The new Ongoing subscription widget has a sleek, minimalist design.

It works with every Shopify theme right out of the box, and looks good on every website!


I hope you enjoyed our round-up of what we think qualifies as the best Shopify theme on the market.

They come in a range of prices from FREE to $350, so there’s something out there for everyone whether you’re just starting out or are a Shopify Plus store.

When shopping around for the best Shopify theme, make sure to religiously check the reviews, because the reviews don’t lie.

If there are blatant issues with the theme like challenges with customization or lack of support, you’ll hear about it in the reviews.

Thinking about selling subscriptions on your Shopify store? We recommend checking out Ongoing, you can try it out for free today.

Ongoing is the best Shopify subscriptions app because it’s powerful, yet simple to use.

Not to mention, Ongoing is an all USA company which boosts USA phone and USA chat support (this is very hard to find these days!)

Thanks so much for reading this article, make sure to leave a comment letting us know what your favorite Shopify theme is!

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