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bundle and save shopify subscriptions by ongoing

Written by Adriana Pope

August 12, 2023

Today we’re going to talk about how offering Ongoing™️ Bundle and Save on your Shopify store can potentially boost sales by 53%! Besides the amazing boost in sales opportunity, Bundle and Save is great for fostering loyalty in your customers.

The subscription model of having customers subscribe to many products on an Ongoing™️ basis, is the best way to create long term relationships with your customers.

It’s also better than pushing one-off products towards customers who might purchase and then fall off forever.

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Bundle and Save Shopify Subscriptions by Ongoing for Boosting Sales

In today’s world, convenience and personalization are extremely important.

Online businesses are always looking for new ways to enhance the customer experience while increasing sales.

The Bundle and Save subscription feature has emerged as a game-changer, empowering customers to mix and match products while enjoying significant discounts on a recurring basis.

When customers Bundle and Save, Ongoing™️ creates recurring orders automatically, helping to grow your Shopify’s store revenue in a predictable and sustainable way.

Are you ready to revolutionize the way your customers shop?

Bundle and Save – Best Subscription Model?

It turns out the Ongoing™️ Bundle and Save is the best subscription model, here’s why.

The Bundle and Save subscription model empowers customers to personalize their shopping experience by creating customized bundles of products, allowing them to mix and match items based on their preferences and needs.

By subscribing to this innovative model, customers unlock exclusive discounts and ongoing savings on their chosen combinations, encouraging them to explore new products and maintain a consistent supply of essentials while enjoying the convenience of automatic deliveries.

This approach not only maximizes value for customers but also fosters brand loyalty and engagement, as businesses offer a flexible and tailored solution that aligns with modern consumer demands.

What is Ongoing™️ Bundle and Save?

Bundle and Save is a way to let your customers order a bunch of items together at the same time, as a subscription & get a discount.

Bundle and Save encourages customers to bundle products in order to save money.

The great thing about Bundle and Save is it helps to increase your average order value, meaning that people typically on average are ordering more products than if you weren’t offering a Bundle & Save offer on your store.

Ongoing is the first Shopify app to come out with Bundle and Save, our unique subscription feature has been tested for years for optimal performance.

Ongoing™️ Bundle and Save Benefits

There are a lot of benefits of offering a Bundle and Save on your Shopify store including making more money, but let’s explore all the incredible benefits.

Increase Revenue

By offering a Bundle and Save option, this creates a new sales channel for selling products, that has a high conversion rate.

Customization and Flexibility:

The Bundle and Save feature puts the power of choice into the hands of customers, allowing them to create personalized product bundles tailored to their needs and preferences.
This level of customization fosters a sense of ownership and engagement, as customers curate bundles that align with their unique lifestyle and usage patterns

Gameify Shopping Experience

The Ongoing™️ Bundle and Save makes it fun for shoppers to mix & match products, which heightens the likelihood of them completing the purchase.

Increase Conversions

By directing customers to your Bundle and Save you can experience a higher likelihood of a sale then if you were to send them to your homepage.

Higher Average Order Value – The Ongoing Build a Box has a track record of increasing the average order value with an average of 4-7 items per Ongoing™️ order.

Better ROI on Ad Spend

Imagine spending a sizeable amount of money on sending people to a one time purchase product, if they buy it it’s just one time. Now imagine pushing people towards a subscription product, if they buy it, it’s forever.

Get More Subscribers

Having a Bundle and Save is the best way to attract more people to become a subscriber to your products, especially if you offer consumables.

Offers Customers Convenience

By giving customers an option to subscribe to your products, you are saving them the headache of having to go t your website every time they need to re-up on a product they like & use often.

Exclusive Bundle and Save Offers

You could offer a Subscription discount on your Bundle and Save that you don’t offer anywhere else. This helps it become exclusive instead of a coupon codes, which seems like a dime a dozen.

Password-less Subscriber Portal

If your customers need to make changes to their subscription order, they can do it on the Ongoing Subscriber Portal, it’s even password-less login.

Beat your Competitors

By having a Bundle and Save, this helps you stay ahead of competition by offering subscription deals that can’t be purchased elsewhere.

Automatically Updated

If you change your product Name / Image / Price / Variant, Ongoing will automatically update those details on the Bundle and Save.

Higher Retention Rates

Unlike subscription boxes that are curated, Bundle and Save allows customers to choose what they want to subscribe to so less likely to unsubscribe.

Creates Product Discovery

Expose your customers to your whole product range with Ongoing Bundle and Save, increases probably of customers buying more products.

Amazing for Consumables

This subscription model works great for any type of consumable products that people like to buy more than 1 of. No matter what type of consumable product you sell on your Shopify store, the Ongoing™️ Bundle and Save can work for you!

Customization and Flexibility

The Bundle and Save feature puts the power of choice into the hands of customers, allowing them to create personalized product bundles tailored to their needs and preferences.

This level of customization fosters a sense of ownership and engagement, as customers curate bundles that align with their unique lifestyle and usage patterns.

Best Bundle and Save for Shopify – Ongoing Subscriptions

The Ongoing™️ Bundle and Save tool is the original, most widely used & tested for optimal performance.

Unparalleled Customization

Ongoing Bundle and Save distinguishes itself by offering an unmatched level of customization, allowing users to mix and match products across categories to create bundles tailored to their exact preferences and needs.

Intuitive User Experience

The app’s user-friendly interface and seamless navigation make it a breeze for customers to curate their bundles, add or remove items, and adjust delivery frequencies, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Eco-Friendly Focus

Setting itself apart from competitors, Ongoing Bundle and Save demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability by optimizing bundle shipments, minimizing packaging waste, and partnering with eco-conscious brands, aligning with the values of environmentally-conscious consumers.

Pack Size Discount Flexibility

Ongoing Bundle and Save stands out by offering pack size-based subscription discounts. Merchants can create personalized discounts for pack sizes like a 6-pack or 12-pack, giving customers tailored savings based on their chosen quantity. This advanced feature incentivizes bulk purchases while giving customers the freedom to optimize their savings based on their consumption patterns and preferences.

Curated Recommendations

Ongoing Bundle and Save goes beyond just discounts. It provides personalized product recommendations based on users’ past selections and preferences, introducing them to new products they are likely to love.

Powerful Up-selling

Not only does Ongoing intelligently suggest complementary products that merchants can bundle together for up-selling, but this Bundle and Save up-sell feature maximizes the potential of each transaction, encouraging merchants to expand their offerings and increase sales by presenting customers with enticing, value-packed bundles they might not have considered otherwise.

Types of Bundle and Save Subscription Discounts

The most common subscription discount for Bundle and Save is a percentage amount-off the product.

A percentage amount-off the product means Ongoing will automatically take a certain percent-off the total cost of a product (you choose the percentage discount amount)

So what’s the most common discount merchants offer with Ongoing Bundle and Save?

Across the board, merchants usually offer 10% off when customers Bundle and Save.
If your margins allow for it, you’re more than welcome to make the percent-off discount higher like 15% or 20%. Having a higher subscription discount is especially ideal if you have require a higher minimum item amount like 3 or 4 items.

Percentage discounts also work well with prepaid subscriptions on Bundle and Save. Let’s say you wanted to offer customers 10% off for prepaying for their subscriptions, that could work too!

We also offer minimum time requirements in case you want to require a certain amount of shipments to be guaranteed by the customer in order to offer the subscription discount.

How Ongoing™️ Bundle and Save Works

Bundle and Save lets customers mix & match products to get a discount on a recurring basis.

With Ongoing™️ you can easily create a Bundle and Save on your Shopify store, with one click!
Bundle and Save is a great way to let your customers mix and match products that they like, and then subscribe to those products on a recurring basis.

Customers can choose a subscription frequency that they would like to get the products delivered on, and agree to automatic recurring billing.

The way Bundle and Save works is you’ll have a bunch of products that you’d like to offer as a Bundle & Save.

You can offer a subscription discount for bundling products, and the default minimum item amount is 2 products (this is customizable).

Everything is customizable on the Bundle and Save feature by Ongoing, from adding your brand colors to your company’s logo, as well as to adding your Branding logo.

Is Bundle and Save Right For Me?

The Bundle and Save subscription feature is truly a win-win for both businesses and customers because it offers an engaging shopping experience while delivering substantial savings.

As this innovative model gains momentum, companies have the opportunity to not only boost their bottom line but also forge lasting connections with their customers by providing them with unmatched customization, convenience, and value.

By harnessing the power of Bundle and Save, brands such as yours can pave the way for a new era of consumer interaction that prioritizes personalization.

Ongoing™️ Bundle and Save FAQ

Here are some commonly asked questions about the Ongoing™️ Bundle and Save (aka: Build a Box feature).

How Does Bundle and Save Functionality Work?

Customers choose their subscription frequency and then start adding products to their cart. Once they’ve reached the minimum item amount, they can move on to Express Checkout.

Can Customers Modify Their Bundles?

Is Bundle and Save the Same As Build-A-Box?

Yes. Bundle and Save is a good name if you have products that are already in a box (example: tea boxes) Build a Box is a good name if you want to convey that customers are building their own custom subscription box. Either way, it’s pretty much the same thing, it’s just how you want to frame it, and what works for your store. With Ongoing™️ we offer both, so you can customize it however you want.

Yes, customers can easily adjust their bundles, whether they want to swap, add or remove products, and modify quantities based on changing preferences.

Can I Customize Bundle Options?

You can customize the Bundle and Save to offer customers a truly tailored experience. Customize the brand colors, brand logo, select specific products, choose minimum item quantity, choose available frequencies and discounts.

Where do Bundle and Save Orders Appear?

Orders created with our Ongoing Bundle and Save appear in the Shopify Orders tab, just like a regular one-time purchase Shopify order.

Support for Promotions & Special Offers

Ongoing™️ Bundle and Save works automatically with Shopify Discount Codes so you can run promotional sales to attract new subscribers and boost sales

Can I offer Free Shipping with Bundle and Save?

Yes, Ongoing allows you to create specific shipping and delivery profiles such as Free Shipping.

Will Customers Pause or Cancel Bundles?

Yes, your customers can easily control and edit their Bundles in the Ongoing Subscriber Portal, which allows swapping products, pausing, canceling + more.

How Are Recurring Payments Managed?

Questions about the billing aspect would be common, including how recurring payments are processed, intervals between charges, and any potential challenges related to billing cycles.

How Do I Get Paid?

Revenue generated from Bundle and Save orders are orders created through the Shopify platform. You would get paid like you normally would for your online sales. Same process as when you sell a one-time purchase.

How Are Recurring Payments Managed?

Ongoing triggers automatic recurring payments. The payment method is securely processed by Shopify and your Payment Gateway. All declined credit cards go through re-billing attempts by Ongoing to capture recurring payments.

Can Customers Select A Specific Variant?

Yes variant selection is available on the Ongoing Bundle and Save, and is clearly indicated.

Benefits for Customer Loyalty and Retention?

The Ongoing™️ Bundle and Save model can contribute to improved customer loyalty, longer retention rates, higher Average Order Value (AOV) and increased customer lifetime value (CLV).

Install Ongoing Subscriptions Today

If you’re looking for a Shopify subscription apps that is best in class, with top notch service, and an incredible Bundle & Save feature, you’ll want to install Ongoing™️ Subscriptions.

Ongoing subscriptions allows you to easily create a Bundle & Save with one click, helping you along on your journey to make more money with your Shopify store.

To access the Bundle and Save feature, you’ll need to upgrade to the PRO PLAN on Ongoing™️

The Ongoing Pro Plan offers a multitude of benefits and advanced features for increasing revenue on your Shopify store by creating many different types of subscription offerings.

Ongoing offers a 30 day Free trial so you can test it out and see if it works well for you.

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