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Written by Adriana Pope

May 28, 2022

With Ongoing’s “Build a Box”, your customers can subscribe to many products at once with a couple of clicks. Build a Box encourages customers to customize their order, and personalize it all on their own by selecting the products they’d like to subscribe to.

This new feature is great for any online store looking to increase their average order value. Build a Box is also great for increasing customer loyalty, and generating more revenue.

The biggest problem for online stores is getting customers. Ongoing helps you land that sale.

And better yet, it’s a recurring order.

That means once your customer enters their credit card once, they’re on a “set it and forget it” subscription model. Earning your store recurring income automatically.

ongoing subscriptions build a box

What is Build a Box?

Build a Box is a feature that lets customers mix and match products they want to receive on a recurring basis and subscribe to them.

It’s really hard to get shoppers to circulate all around your website because that means they have to spend a lot of time looking for something that catches their eye.

Build a Box solves that problem by placing all of your most popular products before the customers’ eyes.

It’s really hard to get shoppers to buy something on your website. It might be because they didn’t find something they liked or the price was too high.

Build a Box solves that problem by making shopping fun, giving the customer a discount if they subscribe, and showing them products they would like.

Build a Box Subscriptions – 10 Benefits

1. Increase your Average Order Volume

Build a Box incentivizes shoppers to order more than just one subscription product at a time. Let’s say I wanted customers to be able to mix and match to customize their orders. “Select 4 items & get 15% off at checkout .”

2. Entice Customers with Subscription Discounts

Build a Box lets you customize what type of discount you will give your customer for subscribing. The most popular type of subscription discount is percentage-based.

For example, you can offer 15% off on any frequency they select (this works really well!)

3. Flexible Delivery Options

The most popular subscription plans are pay-per-delivery. This means the customer pays every time their product is delivered. They can cancel anytime. It’s low commitment. This has the most traction because there is less barrier to entry. It’s way more affordable to pay every time you receive the product instead of prepaying for many shipments all at once.

4. Helps Shoppers Discover New Products

The benefit of Build a Box is that shoppers can instantly see many products in one glance without having to click around your website to see different products. This helps them discover products they might not have even known about.

5. Highlight Most Popular Products

The Build a Box currently showcases about 30 products which is great for featuring your most popular products.

We recommend showcasing your products with the highest traffic, the highest conventions, and the most significant profit margins.

By featuring your top products on Build a Box, you can encourage customers to subscribe to these products.

6. Gamify the Shopping Experience

The Ongoing Build a Box makes shopping even more fun than it already is.

Your customers can easily play around with the limitless options of adding products to their cart with a couple of clicks, select their frequency, and instantly see how much their savings are.

7. Offer Prepaid Subscription Plans

With Prepaid subscriptions, you can offer your customers the chance to get a larger discount if they commit to pre-paying for the deliveries ahead of time.

For example, “Prepaid 3 Months / Monthly Delivery / 20% off”. It’s a no-brainer for customers who know they’ll order your products anyway, whether you had a subscription option or not.

8. Streamlined Automatic Process

Ongoing will automatically take care of everything for you, including repeat charges, creating recurring orders based on frequency, renewal notifications, failed billing attempts, and access to a Subscriber Portal where they can cancel, pause or change their subscription.

best build a box app

How does Build a Box work?

Ongoing’s Build a Box feature is simple to use and works with one click!

Just choose the products and plans you want to offer and turn it on, BOOM!

On the actual Build a Box page that customers see, it will display a bunch of products that customers can choose from; they choose their subscription plan and click BUY NOW.

Yup! You heard right, the Ongoing Build a Box comes with one-click checkout (this is awesome for increasing checkout conversions and reducing checkout friction.)

For example, a shopper can choose to get products delivered every month, every 2 months, or every 3 months, and each frequency can have a 10% discount.

How’s Ongoing™️ Build a Box Better than the Competition?

Performance – As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Ongoing’s Build a Box has statistically increased the average order value by over 45%.

Password-less Subscriber Portal – An easy to use portal where your customers can make changes to their Build a Box order without contacting you! Helps reduce the amount of customer support requests you get.

Gamification – A team of expert gaming Engineers designed the layout & functionality of Ongoing’s Build a Box. Not only does our Build a Box work really well for making Shopify store’s more money, but most importantly, it creates a fun shopping experience.

Express Checkout – Our BUY NOW button the Ongoing Build a Box skips over the Cart Page and takes the shopper to the Shopify checkout page, for a friction-less transaction.

Unified Shopify Checkout – Unlike other subscription apps that take over the checkout with their own design and coding, Ongoing uses the regular Shopify checkout screen which is optimized for sales. This means a faster checkout experience for the shopper, and the ability to run UTM campaigns with Google Analytics.

Dynamic Pricing – When someone adds a product to their build a box, Ongoing will automatically calculate the discount. This is more versatile than having a subscription box that is a fixed price (say $50) because now customers can choose whatever products they want and typically this ends in a higher average order value (so they’ll most likely spend more than the fixed amount you had in mind)

Custom Pack Sizes – Ongoing subscriptions offers Pack Sizes so you can easily offer a custom pack size for your subscription box. An example of this is a store offering a 6 pack vs a 12 pack and each pack size can have a unique subscription discount. (Advanced feature)

UX/UI Optimized for Higher Conversions – Our responsive/ mobile first design means Ongoing’s Build a Box works perfectly on any mobile device for an easy shopping experience.

Ability to Bundle Subscription Product – We offer the ability for merchants to specify a minimum item amount AND/OR a maximum item amount. Both are optional.

Translate to Any Language- If you’d like to offer the Build a Box in a different language, you can! Ongoing offers a fully translatable Build a Box experience including a translatable Subscriber Portal.

Smart Progress Bar – Our progress bar encourages shoppers to buy more products and to meet the minimum threshold (if there is one specified).

Prepaid Subscriptions – Allows customers to create a subscription box with prepaid subscription plans (example: Buy 6 months worth of product now -pay upfront to get a bigger discount- and get the product delivered on a monthly basis).

Minimum time commitments – Curb folks who are trying to taking advantage of large discounts by imposing a minimum time commitment such as 3 or 6 months.

Advanced Shipping Options – Allows merchants to offer FREE SHIPPING or a special flat rate just for their subscription products through Ongoing™️

Collaborative Approach🎉 – We listen to what our merchants would like to see in our Build a Box feature. Ongoing™️ is a data driven company, we let Shopify stores vote for the feature they want most, and the most highly votes features are then created! How cool is it that our subscription app actually builds what you want? Check out our weekly change log here.

Ongoing Subscriptions Build a Box Features

You can of course customize everything about your Build a Box such as the discount, the number of products they need to select, colors, and how the products display on the page.

  • You can add a minimum order quantity. Example: Select 2 or more cases
  • You can add a subscription discount. Example: Get 10% off at checkout”
  • Displays subscription discount to incentivize customers to subscribe
  • Displays the delivery frequencies they can choose from. Example: Delivered Monthly
  • Select whether you want to enable “gallery mode,” which displays extra images of the product as thumbnails they can click through
  • Customize the color to match your brand
  • Offer pay-per-delivery subscription plans such as: “Delivery every Month”
  • Offer multiple delivery options for customers to choose from
  • Offer different subscription percentage-based discounts based on how often the delivery is
  • Ability to offer Prepaid Subscriptions
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Where does Build a Box live?

The Build a Box feature is typically showcased on your top navigation bar on your homepage. We recommend calling it something like SUBSCRIBE & SAVE, and when people click on this, it will take them to the Build a Box page.

The Build a Box page is “headless,” meaning it is hosted by our servers and is independent of your theme. If you have a bigger team, you’ll be happy to know it has its own API and is fully customizable.

Build a Box comes with powerful subscription features that are easy to use with just one click and can be used by any non-technical person. You can also customize the colors of the build a box to match your branding.

build a box ongoing app shopify subscriptions

Customized to Your Needs

Build a Box is the name of the feature, however, you might want to think of it as “Bundle and Save” or “Build your own Pack.” The reason it has this name is that it’s like building your own virtual “box” and subscribing to those products on a regular basis.

is. The name Build a Box might not make sense for every store, and that’s okay. Feel free to call it whatever you want.

If you sell your products by the case, and you want people to subscribe to multiple cases simultaneously, then perhaps you just want to call this Bundle and Save, which makes more sense if you will be sending out the goods in more than one box.

How can I add Ongoing’s “Build a Box” subscriptions feature to my Shopify store?

Install the Ongoing app here.


With the looming recession, it’s even more important than ever to ensure your online store has a stable future.

One way to ensure predictable revenue is by offering subscriptions. If you already offer subscriptions on your individual products, you can take it further by offering Build a Box.

Build a Box is a great way to offer an additional way for your customers to subscribe to your products.

It’s the perfect way to increase your conversation rates on checkout and gain lifelong customers willing to repeatedly pay you to receive your products in the mail.

Hopefully, your customers love your product. And if they love your product, they will always want to receive it, and never stop their subscription. Try out Ongoing’s Build a Box today by clicking here.

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