New 2.0 Ongoing Subscriptions Widget Redesign

ongoing best shopify subscriptions-app-widget redesign 2.0 theme

Written by Adriana Pope

August 17, 2022

Ongoing has updated its subscription widget with a new fresh and clean look! You automatically gain access to this new 2.0 design if you are using a 2.0 Shopify theme.

The new redesign incorporates clean lines, smooth aesthetics, and minimalism to complete its look.

Having a nice-looking subscription widget makes a massive impact on your ability to sell!
Making a good impression on your shoppers is vital for gaining their trust and confidence for them to place a recurring order through your shop.

On the new redesigned subscription widget, it’s extremely clear to the shopper what type of discount they are getting if they subscribe and save. The shopper can easily select their delivery frequency as well.

By having super clear subscription payment options available on your product pages, you increase your chances of getting a subscriber.

By gaining a subscription customer, you gain a customer for life.

We all know that subscriptions are critical for the longevity of a store because having a recurring income is extremely important for scaling up and making a successful business.

With Ongoing Subscriptions, we help Shopify store gain subscribers and keep them subscribed. We hope our new 2.0 subscription widget will help our merchants sell even more subscriptions.

We recommend upgrading to a 2.0 Shopify Theme, for merchants using a Vintage Shopify theme.

Shopify offers many free 2.0 Shopify themes which will use this type of Ongoing 2.0 app block Subscription Widget.

If you do decide to upgrade to a 2.0 Shopify theme, you will need to manually add the Ongoing Subscription widget into your theme .

If you have any issues, feel free to get in touch with Ongoing support so we can help you out!


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