Introducing Customizable Emails

Written by Adriana Pope

August 10, 2021

You might have noticed some changes over the past few weeks to our settings section. We broke apart our single page settings screen into multiple sections and have been working on making it more concise.

This was done in part to our settings complexity increasing naturally as we add in more customization options. However, we also did this to make room for entirely new functionality.

We have been working on something new in the background that we are finally releasing, the ability to edit your emails. The only email that we are currently sending out is the new subscription notification for your subscribers. This email contains a link to your subscriber portal so that your subscribers can view the details of, and self-manage, their own subscriptions.

However, with this new section we plan on building out more emails related to the entire subscriptions lifecycle. This will allow more updates to customers about their subscriptions as well as payment notifications to the merchants.

Another huge benefit, is that the emails are now entirely translatable into any language. We highly prioritize accessibility for all of our merchants and their customers and only having specific sections available in English can be a huge barrier.

We are just getting started on emails sections so we would love any feedback you might have. If you would like any changes please feel free to reach out to our customer support team and we would be happy to assist.

This new feature is available to all merchants today. To see the email controls you can go to your settings screen and click on the emails sub-menu on the left hand side.

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