New Feature – View Product Details “More Info” on Build a Box Subscriptions for Shopify

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Written by Adriana Pope

February 1, 2023

unched a new feature on Ongoing’s Build a Box which allows shoppers to see more information about a product.

When a shopper clicks on “More Info”, they will be able to see the details of the product.

The product description that gets displayed is pulled straight from the Shopify description in real time (dynamically).

This streamlined approach means if you update your Shopify product, your product details on your Build a Box page will automatically be updated.

This helps customers stay on your Build a Box page (shopping!) and drastically reduces the chances of them leaving the Build a Box page to visit that product on your store to see the description, as they will be able to see the product description right there on the Build a Box page.

Benefits of the “More Information” feature on Build a Box:

  • Lets the shopper see more details about a subscription product
  • Increases the chances of the shopper buying the product
  • Lowers the chances of the shopper leaving the Build a Box page
  • Increases sales conversions of heading to checkout
  • Lowers the stats of an abandoned cart
  • Increases conversions of shopper purchasing a recurring order powered by Ongoing

More Info feature on Build a Box – Ongoing Subscriptions – Watch Video

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