Ongoing™️ Subscriptions Launches Custom Fulfillment Scheduling

Written by Adriana Pope

March 29, 2022

In the latest release of Ongoing subscriptions, merchants can now set custom fulfillment dates for any of their subscription plans.

Custom Fulfillment scheduling is a vital feature for merchants who need to control the exact days to fulfill and bill their customers.

Typically when merchants sell a subscription, their shipping days are calculated automatically by Shopify. Ongoing extends the abilities of Shopify by allowing you to set fulfillments based on any days of the year that you want.

Who is this built for?

Examples of shop types:

  • Printed magazines
  • Short shelf-life perishable food
  • Any merchant who needs to fulfill their subscription orders on a particular timeline

Can you show me an example of the current problem?

Typically, when ordering a quarterly subscription, a merchant might set up annual billing with an anchor date of the first of the month.

However, an unexpected issue arises with how the anchor date is used on Shopify’s end.

An order started at the beginning of Q4 in October would then have its second fulfillment scheduled for January 1st.

That seems pretty standard.

However, when the next customer places an order in November, their second fulfillment will be scheduled for February 1st.

This scenario creates a large amount of additional overhead on the merchants’ side because now they will have to fulfill orders for their quarterly box every month consistently.

How can custom fulfillments help me?

With Ongoing Subscriptions, merchants can set their fulfillments however they see fit.

In the previous example, the merchant could have used a custom fulfillment schedule of January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, & October 1st.

The merchant could also choose any days that fit their schedule: February 15th, March 1st, April 25th, & December 1st.

It’s all up to the needs of your business. We don’t get in your way.

This new feature helps us make the lives of Shopify merchants more manageable by reducing additional overhead and complexity.

Please contact the Ongoing team for pricing, by sending us an email at support [at] ongoingsubscriptions [dot] com

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