Shipping Cost Displayed on Subscription Orders

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Written by Adriana Pope

July 8, 2022

Ongoing now displays the delivery price on the Subscription details page for merchants.
This is a huge improvement as it will give merchants easy access to the information they need.

Shipping and delivery costs play a major role in how profits and margins are calculated.

By easily seeing how much a subscription order will be charged for shipping, merchants can make decisions based on this information.

The way shipping works for subscription orders is Shopify defaults to your Shopify Shipping Rates for the costs and Shopify defaults to the cheapest shipping option for subscriptions.

When a subscription order is placed, that shipping cost becomes a part of the contract and is frozen in time.

Currently, when you update your shipping costs on Shopify Shipping Rates, your customers who are already subscribed remain at their shipping rate (when they first signed up).

With inflation on the rise, we understand merchants are increasing their prices for shipping.

To help merchants with this, we added another feature where you can EDIT the delivery cost for a subscription order.

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