Export Subscriptions to CSV

export subscriptions to csv

Written by Adriana Pope

October 19, 2021

Now you can export your subscription contracts to CSV with Ongoing.

This is a new feature we just launched and we are excited to tell you all about it and how it can help you out with your subscription business.

Where to find it: From Ongoing, just click on Subscriptions and then Export.

What it does: This will let you save a CSV file containing all of your subscriptions. This is useful for having a birds eye view of all active, cancelled and paused subscriptions on your store.

What’s it good for? On the actual exported file, you can find helpful information such as subscription status, name of the product being subscribed to as well as the variant associated with it (example: small, medium, large), price, currency, when the subscription was created, the customer’s name who subscribed to the subscription product, the payment method used to purchase the product, billing and delivery frequency delivery method, and the payment status.

Some merchants have reached out to us and requested this new feature as a way to help with their production and fulfillment process.

We hope you’ll find it useful as well!

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