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Written by Adriana Pope

July 12, 2023

Not only is Ongoing Subscriptions the best Shopify app there for customers both in the USA and outside the USA because of their amazing tools to help your store grow with automatic recurring orders, but now Ongoing has launched even MORE translatable features to help stores located in non-english speaking countries.

This new improvement is great for Shopify stores located in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, China, or pretty much anywhere where you want to use a different language other than English.

With Ongoing Subscriptions you have fully control over ALL translations

Here’s a quick over view of our latest releases for supporting fully translatable subscriptions for international Shopify stores.

✨NEW✨ Subscriber Portal Sign-in Link Page

A page on we create for your website where customers can request an easy one-time email containing a sign-in link to instantly access the Ongoing Subscriber Portal – Now fully translatable!

🎉 Subscription Widget

This is how the subscriptions options appear on your product page – always fully translatable!

🎉Subscription Emails

Automatic emails to the customer about their recurring billing & subscription orders – always fully translatable!

🎉 Ongoing™️ Build a Box

Our powerful tool for bundling products to get a higher order value – always fully translatable!

🎉 Password-less Subscriber Portal

what your customer sees on their side when managing a subscription order – always fully translatable!

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