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Written by Adriana Pope

July 28, 2023

Now Ongoing has a new report for your subscription data that will show you all the cancellation reasons your subscribers have chosen during off-boarding.

This information is key for retention and making actionable changes in your company in order to retain future and existing subscribers.

Knowing the reasons why your customers choose to cancel their subscription with your company is incredibly important.

First, it lets you know why they have decided to leave, or discontinue their service in a detailed manner that allows you to verify with real data the reason they no longer want to be subscribed.

Having subscription data such as this is helpful for understanding how you can change your service or product to reduce the amount of subscription cancellations.

For example, there are options such as the product is too expensive or shipping is too expensive. This alerts the merchant to potential pricing issue that could potentially be remedied.

Having subscription cancellation data allows the merchant to quickly see why people are leaving, and the top reasons should be examined.

These cancellation reasons all have an action.

Too expensive – Can the subscription product price be reduced or can the subscription discount be increased?

Shipping too Expensive – Can the shipping cost be reduced or can you offer free subscription shipping?

Other – Ongoing allows the subscriber to write a private note to the merchant explaining their reason for cancelling the subscription in full detail

Need to change the product – Customers want to make changes to their subscription product, are you making the Subscriber Portal accessible on your website’s homepage?

I’m coming back, this is temporary – Shows the merchant that the customer meant to pause, but decided to cancel and then reactivate later. Can be considered a soft cancelled, and a good sign that the customer will return. What efforts is the merchant making to bring the customer back to reactivate their subscription? This is a good sign the customer likes your product, but for some reason (unknown) they need to take a break for a short bit. In this case, it’s always a good idea to have a newsletter and keep them interested in your new and existing products to remind them of your brand.

Only meant to order once – They wanted a one time purchase option but didn’t see one or they chose to subscribe (perhaps for the discount only ) and have decided to opt out before another recurring order is processed. Not much you can do about someone not wanting a subscription in general.

Wanted to Change Shipping Address – This is an option on the Ongoing Subscriber Portal

Too Frequent – What frequencies are you currently offering on your subscription options? Are they too often? Could you add some more frequencies such as Every 2/3/4 months? You can also let people know which frequency is most common to help them choose.

I Don’t Like The Product – What can you do differently to improve your subscription product or subscription service? You could send out a survey to measure customer satisfaction and identify areas of improvement. Talk to your customers, see what they don’t like (and what they do like! ) Do more of what they like, and less of what they don’t like.

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